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  1. hyphen

    Register Your Journey iPhone app online

    Hi Rogier, Great ! I'm downloading it right now. I'll give you somme feedbacks for sure. Thanks again for your work.
  2. hyphen

    Registrate your pain

    Hi Roger, It seems to go pretty well. The website is neat. I'can't wait to test it on my iPhone ! Great job !
  3. hyphen

    Can I get some Opinions

    Hi Treelove, I would continue with the seeds because they seem to work. It's not uncommon to bust five times. I use essential oil of peppermint for the shadows and that even can abort mild attacks, maybe it could help you. Be carreful with it, it's really strong. Wish you the best.
  4. hyphen

    lsd dose

    Timmy, The rule of three times every five days apply to LSD as well. I think it depends a lot if it's a preventive dose or if you're trying to break a cycle. We all have different cluster too.
  5. hyphen

    lsd dose

    Hi Timmy, to complement the CHfather post wich is totally right. This year I used LSD before the cycle started. I'm episodic and it's start every July usually and last 4 month. The dose I used was a 1/8 of a recreational dose. I took it in the morning, I slightly felt it but was able to have a normal working day. I'm a graphic designer. So in my case a 1/8 is working pretty well, the cycle never started. I did the same maintenance dose 2 months after. Luckily it is the first year for me that the beast doesn't even show it ugly face. I would recommend being really careful with the LSD dose, you can't never know it's potency and this stuff can be really strong. It's so tiny that you could be tempted to take a larger dose to be safe. But you don't want to spend 12 hours out of your mind. For me LSD is the most effective way to get rid of cluster. I've tried the seeds and MM as well with success but slap backs. Wish you the best
  6. hyphen

    Registrate your pain

    Hi Rogier, Maybe you would like to check this app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.monavf.android.monavf&hl=fr It was made by a french member of cluster headhache association. I never used it, it's only on android. Maybe it can help you with you're work. Your app could be really usefull. Best regards.
  7. hyphen

    New symptom? Aura?

    Hello, Thanks CHfather for this study information. Nikkicch to answer your question, I would just say that during those ocular manifestations, being in the dark, I try to relax and breath to get control over the headache. It could create a sort of meditative state that make me lose track of time. Luckily in a sense, my mother has those ophthalmic migraines too, so she knew what it was when it first happen to me. They happen only 3 or 4 times a year in my case. Wish you the best
  8. hyphen

    New symptom? Aura?

    Hello Nikkicch, What you describe seems pretty close to ophthalmic migraine. I'm an episodic cluster head and I have them also, but they never happened at the same time together. But who knows we're all different. What I know from ophthalmic migraine which I have since childhood is that you have to close your eyes and stay in the dark or low light until the visuals effects goes away. (it can happen in one eye, both eyes, even change from one to the other) That way the headache that comes after is very less stronger than if you keep your eyes open. Without doing it, I remember really debilitating migraines who could last 4 to 8 hours. Usually those little bastards happen when I'm really stressed. I'm really sorry to read that they mix with cluster in your case. Hope it could help.