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  1. I had COVID in late December (2020) I started a cycle for the first time in 3 years or so... and it’s latest almost three months (started a week or so after I got over covid in early January). It’s still there, but my cycle luckily is spudering out slowly. usually my cycles are 4-6 weeks.. not sure if covid brought on a cycle or what... but this has been a bad one
  2. I remember a few years ago I had a cH episode pop up on me when I was about to go on a work trip... I looked up a national company that delivered oxygen tanks to my hotel room in Las Vegas... I use a local company here in New Orleans where I live... but I know if you search, you can find a national company that delivers O2 tanks. I'll see if I can research it and respond back. (Obviously, you have to have an oxygen prescription too )
  3. I know a guy pretty well that HAD cluster headaches, but they've been gone for about 15 years or so. Pretty amazing. He thinks it's because he changed his lifestyle (stop doing recreational drugs/smoking)... With him as the exception, I've never heard of this. Mine went away for about 3 years or so... but they're back now....:( week 8...
  4. probably....wait until some super rich and famous person gets diagnosed with CHs.... then we'll have a spokesperson! (or do we?)
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