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  1. Bejeeber- it was the worst bout ever in 17 years of living with this. I would take 2 to 4 attacks a day with no meds as I did for the first 10 years. Rather than going through the imitrex hell. Once I stopped injecting and did a detox my attacks reduced dramatically to none to a couple a week. The heart issues went away after a week. I used PH water at a level of 12 and Natural Calm Plus Calcium. It also helps alleviate lot of side effects caused by prescription meds.
  2. Here is the another perspective on the pharmaceutical side. My friend used to be pharmaceutical rep for a major company. They have quotas to meet. She would meet with doctors all day long. Giving them samples, shirts, coffee mugs, ties, and all kinds of other stuff. She asked me to help her move this stuff because I had a pickup. I was shocked by all the stuff that they give away doctors. This stuff was in two large storage units. She had a large amount of $$ to spend on dining every month. All $$ had to be used up every month. She would take the doctors out to very high end restaurants. After receiving all of this on a monthly basis, What do you think the doctors are going to do? They are going to give out the samples then write scripts for it. Doctors are just legal drug pushers for the pharmaceutical companies. The majority of commercials on TV now are for prescription drugs. Their profit margins are insane! Endo International is the manufacture of Sumavel DosePro. Their profits for Q4 2014 were $800 million, up 37%. This why they only dedicated $2 million in research for clusters. They donÂ’t care about what causes it or finding a cure when they are making billions.
  3. I want to expand on this to help CHrs make a better decision for themselves. The neurologist that I was seeing is on one of CH specialist list. He told me that the recommend dose is 2 per day but because clusters are so bad to inject every time I had one. He prescribed me Sumavel Dosepro 6 mg. Each injection cost $89. For 51 attacks that was $4539 in one week. It did give me cardiology problems for a couple of weeks. Not sure what the long term effects will be but sure I will have some. They know what the side effects are and do not care.
  4. Sumatriptan caused me to have 51 attacks in 7 days. I have stopped taking it and do not plan on taking it again. It seemed to make the pain worse too. IÂ’m still having a couple a week. Somewhat keeping them at bay with verapamil. Physicians will continue to prescribe it because they are making money on it, kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies and dinners at nice restaurants. They do not care about the patience and it is all about the $$. This goes for profit, not for profit and county health care providers. All of them make a lot of money! This is why my neurologist will not prescribe me O2. I have been asking for it seven years! IÂ’m getting a welding tank. I worked in healthcare for 7 years at the corporate level at saw this first hand at a not for profit and at a county hospital.
  5. I also lose weight every time. I have lost 6lbs in the last 8 days. Also makes my body temp higher too. My hunger always decreases. Only able to eat one meal a day. The hell we all go through. IÂ’m thankful to found this site where people know the hell I go through. I have learned so much from all of the info on this site. It has given me hope and I look forward to maintaining my pf the organic way!
  6. I would be interested in a meet in greet if it is in DFW.
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