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  1. Great news Jeff. I envy what you have in your freezer. Still searching, but at 57 I look a little suspicious on campus trolling for shrooms. Gonna let me hair grow longer and try in September when Johns Hopkins is back in session. You know all the med students are into that stuff. LOL. Keep in touch.
  2. Carolyn: Can you provide price per gram or other meashurment and whether their is a linmit to how much you can buy in the Smart Shops?
  3. Yury, I as on predisone and verap for about a month during my first cycle this year. I started to detox to prepare to bust but was advised that Verap would probably not interfere with busting like other meds. I stayed on it for a while now in between cycles and decided to just stop and see what happened. Nothing for three weeks. But if the Verap is giving you relief you can continue to use it. Don't know where you live but you might try busting with RC Seeds while you are waiting for you schrooms. Many find they works well and at least in the states you can buy them legally and cheap. O2 should help you but I wouldn't be in any hurry to detox until you have a substitute treatment plan in place.
  4. 4th Chiro treatment for TMJ today. Again back and neck feel better than ever. Up to 15 miles on my bike the last two days. But no change in the surface HA, and sore throat is worse. everything is still on the CH side. Use about 5 minutes of O2 when I get up with a HA and another 5 Minutes when I go to bed for HA. Otherwise just waiting it out. Took 40 RC seeds this morning as a preventative dose with no affects of any kind. Guess I used enough lemon juice that they didn't even taste that bad. No upset stomach and nothing close to CH symptoms. Will do 40 more in about 2 weeks as prevent again.
  5. What a difference two days can make! Many more PF days and then weeks ahead.
  6. Boston Doc: I respect your comments about Pharma kickbacks. I am aware of the changes in the laws about 10 years ago and know the days of drug reps wining and dining docs are over. You will get some push back from many on this site who feel we would have been better off never starting the meds as many of us have had no positive results and some have had horrible side affects over decades of meds. My starting protocol was Imitrex for aborting the pain, Prednisone taper and then Verapamil. None of which gave me any relief. When I found this site, I was on 25 lpm welding O2 in a week and immediate aborting of each HA in 10 to 20 minutes. It was immediate and amazing. Some here can list over 30 meds they have been prescribed by well meaning docs who are treating this relatively unknown condition like a Migraine or worse like we are crazy. I really appreciate the interest you have taken, and know you will learn a lot here but there isn't much decorum as we tend to say it like we "feel it". And you never know if you are talking to a CEO, Health Care Administrator, Teacher or someone on Disability due to CH. Everyone is equal here. Thanks again.
  7. Third Chiro treatment today and while my neck nd back are felling better than in years, surface HA continues at a very low level. Seems knowledgeable and honest and says it's the muscles causing the HA and to give it a few mor treatments. I still have an earache and soreness in my throat when I swallow, all on the CH side. Still going with TMJ for now.
  8. Thanks Doc and you will inspire many others to follow your lead. It means a lot to us. Stick around and read this board for a while and you will see the frustration people in excruciating pain go thru because the medical community is not informed and the few that are have their hands tied. Then notice the support we get from each other.
  9. Angel, just think how great these last few weeks have been and you have plan and tools. You are totally in control now, not the Beast, so be confident and grateful for not being where you were just a month ago. Good luck...prayer and good vibes to you both. Jay
  10. Any problem letting them soak for say 36 hours rather than 6 hours? I didn't last night so plan to tonight.
  11. My cycle ended three weeks ago, but I have had a kip 1 or 2 HA for the past 7 days 24/7. It's sore to touch and I also have tightness in my jaw and an earache that comes and goes. Might be TMJ and seeing a chiro for that, but some have suggested it's a warning sign of a new cycle starting so I figure how much harm can it do. Haven't found any shrooms yet so have 40 RC seeds crushed (pepper mill works great David) and soaking in lemon water. Plan to take it tonight. Before or after dinner? Besides nasty taste and potential upset stomach what other affects should I expect?
  12. I don't know, I do worry about when the next cycle will come, but during my cycle I know its going to end eventually, and that encourages me. I'll stick with Episodic...
  13. Mad6string. You may be right about it never going away. I've had to chiro treatments and neck and jaw feels better but still have the headache. I did turn my O2 up to hyperventilate and it stopped the HA for about 4 hours. So this little almost painless touch HA does respond to O2 for me, but requires more than my CH. Go figure. Chiro thinks its TMJ and he fan help so will stay with it a while and report back.
  14. Jeff, I had my second session with chiro today and he did the internal massage thing. Not as intense as you said or as he thought it would be, but over all my neck is much better. However, the "touch headache is worse now and has been with me non stop for six days. My ear and jaw are hurting more now than ever during this episode of whatever I have. Sounds like TMJ and may just take a while to fix. I did use O2 on it today and it helped. Not sure what to think of that because TMJ is muscular and should not respond to O2???? Regarding CH, I tend to agree with Tingling that the TMJ may be caused by the stress and muscle tensing, headbanging and general abuse we go thru during a CH cycle. I;m going to stick with the chiro to see if he can make what I have now go away, but plan to dose at the first sign of another cycle. Keep thinking and posting. This is a good discussion and we are all learning. Thanks, Jay
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    So how's the hip and the kip, AO?
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