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  1. I have a room booked from tuesdays 12 untill sunday 17. Apparently room is huge, so sharing might be an idea to cut down Costs. Am a heavy snorer (so they say), and if things turn out like last year i will be "home" in the middle of the nights. Hit me with An email on j@ffrey.nl
  2. So. I will already arrive from NL on the wednesday evening, so a full day of tourism! Any tips? Already heard from a Houston based friend about South Congress and Barton Springs. Any other ideas? Ps: sorry for off topic post
  3. am going to book tickets to join the conference. flying all the way from A'dam, as I feel it would benefit me, as I am currently in a heavy episode... Anyway, would be good to meet you all :-) Jeffrey
  4. bit too far and short notice for me to attend. Perhaps next time? (come on over to Amsterdam!:-))
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