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  1. Yeah, like I said I try to stay away from the opiates but I look at it this way; I got great insurance so they were like 10 dollars and I don't really care about them so why not give it a shot? Worst case I just dispose of it. No big deal
  2. BUMP: Okay so I was looking into Butorphanol (Stadol NS) and I don't believe its easy to get anymore (I had it once when I first started having CH's) HOWEVER... I broke my hand today and was in the middle of an episode when I got to the clinic for an x-ray. They gave me Dilaudid 2mg and I am going to make my own solution with it and put it into a nose spray bottle. I saw a few articles online from various websites about people using cold water extractions on hydrocodone/percocet as well as using Dilaudid, Opana, morphine, and some other painkillers as well. I'm about to begin the process using my leftover Norcos and then another batch in a different bottle using the Dilaudid. I'll let you guys know in a few hours how it works (if it works) and a formula to follow if you want to try for yourself. Wish me luck guys!
  3. Haha! Yes, I'm very impressed with the prices I've been seeing. They seem to be running about 10 to 20 dollars less than the morning glory seeds I spotted at Planet K last night. BTW I've been doing research on the Psilocybe Cubensis spores and found a website that looks like a decent one to order from, called "Earth's Tongue." Anyone ever ordered from there before? Or do you guys know of an even better, more reliable place to suit my mycological adventure?
  4. Anything I can add to help as well guys. The best way to figure something out is to gather as much data as you possibly can and organize it into relevant charts and the like, ya know? From there you have a fighting chance of at least better treating it. I should have figured it worked that way. Hmm. I'll check the price on a few places and compare that to the price of morning glory and other LSA containing seeds they have at various shops and organic horticulture places. Thanks for filling me in on that! Yeah, my wife is bipolar and she just got back on lithium and she offered me some (for some odd reason she always has extra? lol!) and I considered giving it a little 2 week trial but decided against using anything too extreme til I see the doctor. I figure if I go in with my system clean they can get a fresh start before I go to the West Lake Headache Clinic. In the meantime folks... It's bedtime. G'night busters!
  5. Yeah, I'm going to go through pretty much everything with them before they do anything invasive, even my wife agrees on that one! Hawaiian wood rose seeds or morning glory seeds I'm assuming? I'd considered them. I also considered buying spores for psilocybe mushrooms and growing them (I use to cultivate edible mushrooms up north where its cool, I'm sure I could grow some P. Cubensis easily with the right equipment) Red bull and some energy drinks are just caffeine bombs and don't work. However, Monster has serotonin precursors and usually they do work as an abortive but not as quickly as a bowl of hash. Right now I'm pretty much relying on my last little bit of dank to carry me through to the 16th. I've also considered buying some 5-HTP. I've heard its a good preventative AND abortive. And yes, I double check with my PCP generally before I do anything. Oh, also, all those meds were prescribed to me for my CH's There's been a small amount of evidence that using Lithium or other mood-stabilizers with a benzo can help with cluster headaches. Didn't work for me though. The phenergan seems to take the edge off by reducing any aura, disorientation, hyperstimulation, aggressive behavior, and other things that happen to me during an episode, and it works in conjunction with the valium to potentiate the hydrocodone. That concoction with a Fioricet relieves the symptoms (not so much anymore with my tolerance, especially considering I use to be an IV heroin user.) The second it wears off I get the classical "thunderclap" return of the CH. That's pretty much why I stopped them, plus you can get withdrawal and "rebound" headaches as my doc put it. Once again, I appreciate the warm welcome and the knowledge shared by you folks. I'ma go ahead and continue reading, post any extra info I may have to help, and tick off the days til the 16th.
  6. I will make sure to dig through the links you guys gave me and do some more research here on the board. I have not been prescribed O2 but have been given it at the ER on several occasions with mixed results, but mostly good ones. I imagine my headache doctor or pain doctor will probably write that script or do whatever is necessary for me to get a bottle of it (my PCP generally sends me to specialists to get pretty much anything beyond antibiotics.) I am currently in cycle, but this cycle has been different from the others I use to have. Mine generally last about 3 weeks or so, but this one has been for 5 and it's been the worst one thus far. Current Prescriptions: 1) Fioricet w/o Codeine 2) Norco 10/325 3) Valium 10mg 4) Geodon 20mg 5) Phenergan 25mg They have tried Relpax and Zomig but I have an extremely high risk for stroke, plus triptans also cause me disassociation, hallucinations (visual and auditory), among a lot of other really strange side effects. Until I finally was referred to the headache clinic recently I generally self medicated (as a preventative) with mushrooms or LSD (which I have no access too anymore.) Marijuana seems to work as an abortive but not for prevention. (I use to have a medical card but then I moved to TXÂ :'() At the moment I have stopped taking my scripts as they seem to have no effect and have just been smoking the marijuana. From what I understand, considering the ineffectiveness of medication on me, the doctor is considering "Deep Shock Therapy" or whatever its called, where they stimulate the hypothalamus electrically. If you need to know anything else, feel free to ask.
  7. G'day everyone, my name is Chris. I've been getting episodic cluster headaches for about 3 years now and was finally diagnosed officially by my PCP as of 2 weeks ago. I look forward to chatting with everyone and learning everything I can, as well as sharing what I know in hopes of helping others.
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