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  1. Rory got into my account again this morning, and we had another fight this morning as she insisted I come on here and defend her and make her look like an angel (when for the past week I've asked her to just leave it in the past as it's for the best.) She does not let things go, she will re-register accounts, get into mine, whatever just to get on here and either intentionally or unintentionally cause all sorts of trouble for me, you, etc. Out of respect for you guys, I'd like my account to be deleted to avoid this, and for my IP to be banned. I will give you guys contact info such as my email or whatever if you want to keep in touch. ceseny@gmail.com -Respectfully, Chris.
  2. I'm doing alright. Busting ass at my new job. Lovin' the hours and the pay. I'm a Manager in Training at a Chipotle Mexican Grill. For the record, I've started to kinda go chronic. I may have to bust again soon cuz damn I can't afford Migranal and the Verapamil isn't doing it's thing properly. Either that or the ridiculous weather patterns we've had in central TX have something to do with this. We've had hail, tornadoes, and rain from hell. Damn it was crazy. The wind and rain alone set off car alarms and downed trees with trunks 24" thick. Whats the news around here?
  3. IDK what else to say.... Missed you guys. -Chris
  4. Guys, I was wondering if clusters cause mania. I've cheated on my wife twice, and now I've done something stupid again. I saved pics and videos of me having sex with my last 7 girlfriends, and my dumb ass left them on her comp when I switched docs. I hit her today, and no matter what i seem to do I can't stop being angry or going after things I can't have. i know I love my wife, but I can't seem to stop my behavior. Could the headaches maybe be the result of a mental illness? I'm reaching out to you guys. She tried to kill herself today, and all I did was run away.
  5. I'm just gonna put on an off note, I'm glad this cycle has been manageable. It's made bein dad-to-be easier. Thank you everyone. Ohhh btw... could possibly be twins PFW everyone!
  6. Holy crap dude, does this just never end for you Pix? D: Rory offers hugs btw!
  7. Thank you sir Aww crap I totally threadjacked. I feel bad. Sorry Moxie :\
  8. You mean like when I've been rudely awoken in my sleep to find that I had actually stopped breathing and my lips were blue? Yeah... I've always been afraid I'ma die in my sleep from apnea :\ I feel like the odds are always stacked against me :l grrr. lol
  9. Damn straight I'm keepin' her! I mean she's the best. Plus we just found out I made her preggers. Hehe
  10. Have you ever also gotten like... confusion, or dizziness if something comes too close? Or am I the only person to get this? The doctors at the ER were checking me out a few months back around Christmas time and if she tried to put the pen up to my face to try and do an eye coordination check it would just throw my equalibrium off and I would just have that sensation of "Whats going on? What is she doing? Who are these people?" On the side note, thinking about the grouchy and irritation It makes me appreciate how much I love my wife, to know she married me even knowing I go ballistic sometimes preceeding a cluster, much like today. She even got me some smoke, a monster rehab green tea, and a chicken salad sandwich after we argued today. I guess I found one thing to feel blessed with even when I have that "fire pokey" sensation in my eyes and spine. LOL Irony...
  11. Gotta love that ionizing radiation
  12. Haha when I worked at the state fair for my last job, we had deep fried bacon. 1500 calories per 5 strip serving. LMAO
  13. :l I must visit this magical land...
  14. <3 Best of luck, best of wishes to the best athlete on CB
  15. My 2 cents; it happens before or during both. Particularly prior to clusters because of the serotonin reuptake, which can really screw with your mood control. Though from what I understand similar things happen during migraines. Or did I miss something? lol Actually, I'ma just shut up cuz I lost my choo-choo of thought. I don't even know anymore... .__.
  16. LOL Mystina you never cease to amaze and entertain me. I'm glad to know you're okay and recovering well. Are you having any pain issues? Stiffness?
  17. Good to hear you are detoxing well, and that all is good for you sir! All my hopes
  18. >:l Is it just me or does our government and law enforcement, that so readily reminds us of our "rights," have a bad habit of wiping their nether regions with scraps of the constitution?
  19. Holy crap Pix I'm sorrys for you! Take care and god bless. Tell Kage I said hi as well Best of thoughts for you!
  20. Go PTSD.... lol Thanks for the encouragement
  21. But but... POPTARTS!? I cried for you brother. LMAO Filled one out for ya
  22. It's okay, no one is perfect and we all wish the best for our children, I believe. Of course I have no kids.... LOL
  23. I'm still traumatized from the sleep paralysis... I've been pulling all nighters for fear of it happening again. I feel like a pansy lol
  24. Sometimes when I m close to cycle i get anxious. Or when I know one is on its way after the initial shadows. Oh will you teach me to shoot a bow? I mean I'm great with a gun but I'm looking for new and improved ways to kill hog and javelina. I got bored with using an assault rifle hahahaha
  25. Yup! Not uncommon. Last cycle I got fuming mad and broke my hand when I threw a hefty punch at my car. Lulz
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