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  1. Well I will say this... Me and Rory are typical Texans. We have horses and guns. LOL If that paints a media style portrait for you, then my work here is complete Jeebs You of all people should know if you have a complaint about the weather in Texas, to just wait a minute. I lived in Phoenix AZ for a number of years and I have come to enjoy the heat and loathe the cold (which use to be opposite) And if you're referring to a respirator, that's awfully clumsy and dangerous to do. Anything with a filter isn't really good enough IMHO. I use to be a house painter and we used those masks with the plastic faceplate and the little replaceable micro-filters to keep paint spray dust, solvents, and other things out. Junk still gets through and they fog really bad :\ Of course nobody ever said using Dilaudid and/or trying to smoke a bowl while driving was any smarter... LMAOÂ 8-)
  2. Triggers: Volatile chemicals (anything that evaporates, especially hydrocarbons... just figured this out recently) Not enough/too much coffee (I'm immune to synthetic caffeine, so sodas aren't a big issue, nor is the caffeine in a Red Bull, NOS, or Monster) Overstimulation (mental or physical) Lack of sleep. Sleep apnea episodes seem to have a correlation with my CH's too Alcohol, tobacco, or any marijuana too high in CBD In-laws Treatments: Monster (Abortive) O2 (Abortive) Psychedelics (Preventative and abortive) Marijuana (Preventative and abortive) Verapamil (questionable, but usually works as preventative or abortive)
  3. Not when your horse is a jerk and likes to ram you against the arena or round pen walls LOL
  4. Yeah H.E.B is the place that quoted me the price. My insurance decided to cover most of it but its still 180 bucks. I asked about the prescription plans and they wouldn't shave anymore off. :\ Of course this may have something to do with the fact that we are currently engaged in a legal battle with the H.E.B pharmacy and I got the DEA involved on them. Thanks for the Congrats
  5. Is pollution a possible cause for clusters? Every time I drive out to my ranch to feed or ride my horses, I get hit coming back into the city. I had one today that forced me to pull over and stagger into a store for a monster (stoopid me forgot my verapamil...)
  6. Hold it I misread a buncha stuff.... How did you have MMJ? It's illegal in FL.
  7. holy crap. takes me back to high school lmao. i think i had a flashback just reading this stuff!
  8. Anytime Ron I do what I can around here. I'm still a noob though Pixie-Elf; That is also another viable option. I think we're really on to something here!
  9. Good plan, but I mentioned in a thread a day ago or so about the varying species of MJ. Just a personal suggestion - stick with sativa. I tend to trigger headaches with indicas, shwag, or even mids. Try some Haze or Jock Horror/Jack Herer.
  10. I'm down for a project like this Next time I'm with the crew I'll start asking questions and see if anyone is willing to take this up.
  11. Damn, someones up on their game! Very good points purple, how would we go about starting this? I mean I work part time as a camera operator for a local news channel, I might be able to talk to the right people if you point me in the right direction.
  12. Welcome back! Get well soon, all the best
  13. Happy to see you're here too I'm pretty happy to be here myself!
  14. Ricardo: I've heard a lot of the same stuff about cannabis. I was a medical grower in AZ for a bit and I had a buddy plus two other patients that have migraine variants and the like. They told me too that other people said they couldn't smoke because the carbon monoxide would trigger headaches, whereas the four of us seemed to have a lot of luck with some very particular strains, namely Jock Horror, Raspberry Cough, and ATF (my personal favorite ) **Note: Forgot about censorship, sorry dudes! The "Stadol" is actually just a refillable glass nose spray bottle that I put distilled water into then dissolved like 20 of the little 2mg Dilaudid into it. It's my own "homemade" Stadol. Works great, but the rebounds just arent worth using it regularly. Like I said, more of a last line of defense if nothing else works so I can just sleep it all off in a fuzzy narcotic haze. LOL Yeah, the insurance companies are real shitheads sometimes. They cover some of the dumbest things and fight you on serious stuff. I don't believe they ever gave a damn about a single patient. We're statistics and numbers to them. Even to a lot of doctors as well... Tsk tsk... Spiny: Technically I *am* married (me and Rory went to the JOP office to get married) but the actual ceremony before our family and the lord will be St Patty's Day Thank you very very much!
  15. If I smoke too much and get really baked on an indica (the more stoney, sleepy, relaxed high) it triggers attacks. If I smoke sativa (the uplifting, cerebral, "heady" kind of buzz) in limited quantities, it works as a great abortive. From what I can tell, everyone is different. BUT I will consider what you said good sir
  16. Its okay man I've just had a reaaaaaaaally bad week. I haven't been on much til now. I busted a few times with HBWR and was playing around with lithium a week or so ago and was able to make my cluster cycle stop. I'm getting hits and shadows a lot but no full blown attacks (its been raining on and off and lots of weird weather here in TX) Right now I'm on verapamil 120mg up to 3x a day (as needed) and I'm backing that up with Monster, Red Bull, my usual marijuana doses, and (in case of emergency) my home-made dilaudid-stadol concoction. Plus I have O2. I really was just griping more than anything.. lol
  17. Anyone else call their pharmacy to find out that Migranal (DHE, ergotamine, dihydroergotamine, etc) costs $2k without insurance? Here's the kicker. I have good insurance. Scratch that GREAT insurance through the government. They refuse to cover the stuff. Do they expect me to get shot a 5th time before they cover my meds? I mean shit I had to fight them just to get Relpax and Zomig covered. And they'll cover all my painkillers and other narcotics without a hitch. But WTF is the deal with triptans and ergotamines? Seriously! Sorry, just needed a place to gripe > It's 4 days til my wedding, I'm stressed and worn out...
  18. Looks very clean, well laid out, very professional.
  19. I'm all for it. 3 weeks ago I was staring down the barrel of my .45, so I've seen it, been there, done that, got the tshirt. :-/
  20. I love the portrait that the government and main stream media has painted to anyone who has ever experimented or used street drugs for medicine.
  21. Prayers and best wishes to you two! -Chris and Rory <3
  22. If anything changes, count me in! Win Vista w/ Chrome :]
  23. My blood pressure is normal. Like 110/60 up to 120/80. It always gets really high at the doctors office though, like 140 or 150 over 90. :-? As far as I know, the MRI is being ordered to check my pituitary gland BTW And yeah, I agree with the weather cycles. IDK how many of you are in Texas, much less Austin.. But it's been very gray, rainy, and gross this year after a very long dry spell.
  24. I saw my new neurologist today and had another CT done. He found what he thinks is my pituitary gland either being smashed up against my ocular nerves, OR its just flat out swollen. He gave me Migranal and Veparamil 120mg (40mg 3x Daily) and is going to have me get an MRI to hopefully see better whats going on up there. Could any of this have attributed to the extra nasty cycle I just finished up?
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