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  1. I'm hoping the gentleman I'm seeing today in about an hour is a bit more lax on "alternative" medications than the lady I saw last month. But they seem genuinely *excited* to have me as a patient, so lets see how this turns out.. My regular doc is neutral to busting. She really doesn't know enough about CH's or clusterheads, so in her opinion is "If it works, it works. I just can't legally tell you to do it or I'd lose my license." :-X LOL
  2. Indeed I can tell. I'm very grateful guys
  3. So a guy walks into a bar to meet with a couple of his buddies to play some pool and drink a bit. As the night progresses they're fairly hammered and its last call at the bar. The gentleman walks up to the bartender and starts talking with him as he gets his last round in while his two buddies play pool. The bartender and him get into a discussion about gambling and the young man asks... "Say barkeep, are you a bettin' man?" He responds "Sure why not! What you wanna bet on?" "You see that glass on the back of the bar?" The barkeep turns around, looks, and turns back and says "Yes." The gentleman smirks and says "I bet you 200 dollars I can pee from here behind the bar, into that cup WHILST sitting, and NOT miss a drop." The bartender laughs and engages the man, telling him "You're on!" The man whips it out, and starts to urinate all over the bottles, the floor, bar, counter, on the bartender's shoes and pants. He finishes, zips up, stands up and laughs with the bartender (who has obviously gotten a real kick out of this escapade.) "I'll be right back with your money, okay barkeep?" He says as he walks over to his friends. They exchange some money and laugh like a bunch of morons. When the man comes back to the bar, he slaps $200 down. As he finishes chuckling with his friends, the gentleman shakes the bartender's hand, who in return pockets the money and asks "What's so damn funny?" The guy smirks one last time and goes "I bet my friends 500 dollars I could piss all over you and your bar."
  4. My father in law traded me cars for the day yesterday. He took my Prelude and I took his CR-V and I had no problem bringing this bad boy home. Now then... Payday is in 3 days. Final step to PF living is ordering some spores from Ralphster (I'm getting Blue Meanie) and a grow kit I found from one of their affiliate sites. I'll probably start a grow thread (for those interested) once I get my equipment. I can feel the beast cringing at the thought of munching some caps. For once in years I don't feel helpless. *sigh of relief*
  5. My wife and my best friend say the same thing. I've noticed that meds and pills wind up in all the wrong hands, especially in states that have pill mills. Then people that need them never get them. Or they will shove them down your throat when you need or want something else. This is the problem I tend to have. They wanna load me on Dilaudid constantly and I say "no thanks" yet I can't get a bottle of O2? 'Nuff said. /Endrant
  6. LOL Pull a Bam Margera eh?
  7. So I wasn't the only one that noticed it was missing? LOL Looks like you guys have confirmed what I was thinking about welding O2. I'm going to see if the cylinder fits in my car today after I go to the ranch to do a little horseback riding. I guess if it doesn't I could make it ride "duct tape section" on the roof... ;D
  8. I'm very comfortable with psilocybin, I was a bit of a psychonaut in high school Drugs don't scare me. Except PCP and mescaline...lol I'm going to go ahead and rotate a few things around in my treatments (will try psilo and I'm going to attempt to find LSD as well) and see what is best. Thanks for the info CHFather! I guess its a lot like injury pain management. Various opiates/opiods seem to manage different types of pain differently for each individual patient. I guess it's a matter of finding out which works best. As far as welding O2, I asked my sister and her husband (machinists that also weld) about getting a hold of one of their cylinders and they said they'd be willing to help but are concerned about the O2 being denatured in some way or maybe mixed with other gasses. Their professional opinion as metal workers was "get more info, we don't wanna kill our little brother." <3 Love 'em. Anyone know a good company to get welding O2 from that would be safe to use?
  9. I may have spoken too early. I had a series of absolutely brutal attacks over the course of yesterday evening til about 3 hours ago. Gah this has been a frustrating cycle. I may skip the HBWR and just go straight to psilocybin. And my damn doctor won't give me oxygen STILL. >
  10. I was born carrot-orange haired, then it all fell out. Does that count?
  11. Could you PM me a link or post it here if that info is available? I'm absolutely intrigued by this. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
  12. Thank you sir. Will give any info about the cyst after I see the doc again.
  13. They're a bit mouthy, but a funny food porn/satire. I like 'em And they censor most profanity. They just happen to have their capslock stuck on all the time haha!
  14. Interesting... we've had the same weather/climate patterns down here in central TX. Mild winter with weird weather, a lot of atmospheric disturbances that have toyed with the temps and most likely the barometric pressure. This has my attention, I may start keeping these things logged in my CH journal.
  15. UPDATE: Successful bust by the second dose of HBWR. I've only been having minor attacks that are manageable. I also got a call from my PCP after she reviewed my CT scans and I apparently have a cyst in or around a sinus cavity that may be contributing to this nasty cycle I've been having. :-? Thoughts or comments?
  16. No, feel free to ask whatever about my past or personal things. I'm pretty open, and if I'm uncomfortable sharing I will politely let you know Plus you're just trying to help me as it is so what do I have to lose by cooperating? LOL Anyway, I'm 23, will be 24 in June and I had my first run-in with the beast mid-way through my 20th year. That sounds pretty intense, but I'm happy your bust wasn't a bust! I have memory issues that seem to have gotten worse as my cycles get worse, so my wifey helps me keep a little headache log on our laptop that describes a wide variety of conditions including weather, temp, conditions, where it happened, what I was doing, all sorts of stuff. Side Note: Successful bust with 4 HBWR seeds the other day, felt great the whole day as if I was full of life again (aside from a few muscle contractions in my belly.) Was fine until this morning when I was hit with an episode this morning that I stopped with a Monster. Planning another dose here after I clean the house and get comfortable. Will keep you guys updated!
  17. I can't find it nor does it show up on a search? Do you have a link?
  18. Yup, I'm prepped and ready to go. Just gotta let the belly empty out a bit then I'll go head and bust. I was big on the Monster Java and the Blue can.... but I LOVE the Rehab Lemonade+Tea
  19. I just picked up one gram of organically grown, chemical free, and non chemical tested HBWR seeds. I checked up with these folks and I'm awaiting a response to possibly going there to see them. http://www.texasneurology.com/headacheinstitute/ I hope they're better than the lady I saw today... Til then, I think I'll be sticking to busting and monster.
  20. Well here's how it went today. I was evaluated, given a lengthy interview as well as taking several surveys, and was spoken to by the neurologist for several minutes then told to leave and not return. Did some searches on Yelp and CitySearch and found that she was given 1 to 1.5 stars at best. I guess I gotta find a new neurologist or just keep on with my own home palliative care. I was given another referral from a friend to a place up in Dallas (I live 3 or so hours away in Austin) that people from out of state come to see. Lets see how THIS goes. On an off note... Today is payday. I'm ordering some RC or going to the head shop for some HBWR seeds. Catch up with you guys later. I got bustin' to do.
  21. Hey give me a link I'll post on Facebook too! Oh, and happy birfday Bob
  22. Will check up with them, bud, thank you much! So, for the home made Stadol, my success with hydrocodone wasn't so great. Too much tylenol no matter how much I strained it. The amount of water required makes it impractical since you'd have to use half the bottle of spray. However, the Dilaudid worked very well. I have a 10cc nose spray container and I used about half its capacity to dissolve all 20 of the 2mg Dilaudids. There was no need to strain as its mostly medicine with very little binder. Two sprays in each nostril proved effective within minutes.
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