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  1. Well today is busting day ! Bust #8 he will do 1gr of shrooms with 30 RC seeds. Hopefully this will changes things up and give him some improvement! Since last Tuesday his last bust with 3gr of shrooms he has been getting about 3 kip10 a night. >:( It starts about 1hr after going to bed then every 2hours! During the day tho they aren't so bad. But he is very tired, still getting up early every morning to go to work! It's amazing how you sufferers are strong people !!

    Still wondering tho what went wrong because he was doing such great progress his firsts busts and now back to this! But his chronic so I know they wont just disappear, it will take time!

    Wish us luck ! Will let you know how things go!

  2. Thanks Jeff ! My hubby has been laying off the beer now! Since dosing Tuesday with 3gr of mushies his ha's have increased ! He has been getting 3 - kip10 at night since! So we will deffinatly dose lower next bust!! Maybe mix RC seeds with 1gr of mushrooms or maybe just do about 30 RC seeds alone, haven't tried them yet so will see!

    Anyone have any advice on if he should mix shrooms and seeds or try just the seeds?

  3. Thanks Christy ! It's always encouraging to hear success stories! Very happy for your son as well Bonkers, I have been reading your story as well! I know we need to be patient, we just need to keep trying until we find the right dose. He has had a lot of improvement this past month since he got off the meds and started busting! Last night he dosed with 3gr of shrooms and I think it was to much cause last night he got a few kip 10 ha's and tonight as well! (having one right now) :(

    But will see how things go in the next few days. I know it's normal to get more hits the days after the bust! He will try to bust with shrooms and RC seeds next bust! Hopefully this will shake things up a bit and give him more relief!

    Will continue to keep you posted! Thanks again everyone!

  4. Well it was a rough night for my hubby. Got hit with a kip 10 for 45min last night 6 hours after dosing! Then another in the middle of the night on the other side but not as strong....is this a good sign ?? Remember this was dose #7 with the shrooms and did 3gr instead of 2gr.

  5. David my hubby is not going to like your post LOL !! He does like his beer!! But if thats what it takes it's worth it!

    Hubby did dose #7 tonight with 3gr of mushies instead of usual 2gr. He is not enjoying the trip. He has been laying in bed all evening, gets up for a couple of min. then goes back to bed! He can't sleep either. It's been 5 hours now and so far had to take O2 once for I think a kip 7 aborted in 20min. Crossing my fingers he gets a pf night!

    My question is since he dosed higher then usual should we expect more ha's in the next few days?

    Will let you know tomorrow how the night goes! I'm feeling anxious about how things will go tonight and the next few days. Have to take it one day or should I say 1 hour at a time! Praying that this bust will shake things up and give him more pf time! I can tell you that I'm a very nervous person but with all we have been through I'm only going to get stronger...I hope!! Now I know why they say what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger lol !

    Wishing you all a PF night! Thanks again guys!

  6. Sorry to hear David but I'm sure you will be right back to being PF soon!

    My Hubby isn't doing so bad. He is still getting ha's daily but usually no higher then a 7 and aborted within 5 to 20min. Thinking maybe it hasn't gotten better the last week because we had a house full of people (family visiting) and going to bed later, the routine wasn't the same. He did have some beer as well, don't think it's a trigger because some days when he did have a couple of beer he actually had a PF night ! And some day's he didn't have beer and had ha's all day?? But still wondering if it's affecting his busting.....if alcohol was a trigger wouldn't it cause a ha right after having a beer ?

    When he busted last Thursday he even got a couple of ha's that night! Didn't do that the last 3 busts! The ha's are still switching sides too! But some of you say this is a good sign, I guess time will tell! One thing we know is that even tho he is still getting ha's daily the O2 is working better and aborts them a lot quicker then when he was on all the meds! So were not giving up!

    So having said that do you think he should bust after 5 days or wait a bit longer? and should he take a higher dose ? He usually take 2 gr of shrooms.

    Any advice would be much appreciated !! Thank you all :)

  7. So far today 3 kip 10 headaches  :-[  Days like today just suck because just when we think he is getting better he gets a bad day like today! Will see how the rest of the night goes and tomorrow, if it's not better he will do bust #6 tomorrow night. I know it's still a huge improvement of what he went through this past year tho... So trying to keep positive! Right now I would say that within each bust which is usually between 6 to 7 days in between he get approx 4 good days with 1 to 2 days almost totally pain free!

    Just wondering should he start mixing shrooms with seeds? Or wait a couple more bust before...I also heard that some people take a very small dose of shrooms every time they have headache to abort it. He tried this once and it worked but thinking this might effect his next bust ?? What do you think ?

  8. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't kept you posted in the last few days, were on vacation and been very busy! My hubby busted on Friday and the next day he had a lot of ha's that were switching from side to side but nothing more then a kip 5! Today it's Tuesday and happy to say that he has been almost pain free since  :D Oh I so hope that the progress continues! But each bust things get better and better! Not totally pain free yet but I know that it won't be long!

  9. Thanks Carl & Tingeling, I will let him know and try to convince him to wait a couple more days! He is doing pretty good right now, yesterday I didn't see him once take O2 and he also had another pain free night  :) Called him this morning and he said so far he only had a small shadow!  :)

  10. Tingeling, Jay, David, Mad6string and all of you who keeps encouraging me and my husband through out this process thank you so much! This means the world to us to be part of what we call now our second family! :)

    When things are good or bad (like yesterday) this is the place we want to come first to either let you know or get advice! You are guys & gals all just AWESOME !! Thank you !

    Happy to say that even after a rough day yesterday my hubby slept through the night without any headaches and had only 2 small shadows today that were aborted within 5min ! You are right Jay we now have control over the beast  8-)

    I now know that this process may take some time but we will eventually get there! Like my husband said to me today that even after a day like yesterday he has absolutely no desire to turn to meds such a Zomig! He feels so much more energized and happy now!  :) And those words were such a relief to me because I believe so much in this treatment!

    Tomorrow it's dose #5 with the mushies ! I will let you know how things go....watch out beast were coming after you  >:(

  11. Thanks David, Tingeling and Mad6string ! I sure hope you are right that about being a good sign that his headache switched sides today! He said it was really weird!

    It's just so discouraging and frustrating to see him improve so much that last few weeks and then get a day like today with 3 kip 10 headaches !  :( I know we need to be patient and he has been chronic for the past year and being on all sort of meds including prednisone and 2 to 3 zomigs a day! Which he is doing better since being off all the meds! Thursday will be his 5th bust! Will see how that goes!

    Has this happened to some of you to see so much improvement then have bad days even after the 4th bust?

    Well tomorrow is another day and hopefully a mostly PF day!

  12. Well hubby was back last night waking up every 2 hours with shaddows but the O2 is still doing it's job ! It's ok though we know it wont just disappear ! We are just so happy with his improvement !  I do see a pattern tho, every time he busts the first 2 days he is almost ha free and then day 3 and 4 gets more ha's and then day 5 much better again. Does anyone have this kind of pattern while busting ? Bust # 5 is scheduled for Thursday or Friday !

  13. Hi everyone !

    Hubby did his 4th dose Saturday 2.5 grams and happy to say that he is doing AMAZING !! And since he has been sleeping through the night without any headaches! He only has a few shadows during the day here and there that he aborts within 5min with O2! We don't even remember the last time he slept so well ! He even took a nap after diner last night and no ha's !!! Mushrooms ARE magic !! I wish we had known about this treatment  before !

    He is so full of energy and happy and accomplished so many projects this weekend !!

    So happy right now I wish I could give you all a big hug !! Again thank you all for advice and encouragement ! You are all amazing  :) 

    Will let you know how the rest of the week goes and if he will go for a 5th bust!

  14. Hubby will be going for the 4th bust tomorrow or maybe will wait a couple more day's just so that the receptors a clearer . He is still getting a couple of hits a day but aborts it with the O2 within 5 - 10min sometimes a bit longer but so much better then it was a couple of weeks ago!

    My hubby is back! He has more energy and a lot happier ! Detoxing from all the meds and busting was the best decision ever ! Even if he isn't totally PF yet we know that it will happen soon we just need to be patient and keep trying!

    Life is good  8-) again!

  15. After yesterday's dose #3 with the shrooms, my hubby has had a PF day!! Only a constant shadow all day but not hits !! It's amazing! :D

    You know what is crazy is that about half an hour after he doses his left eye (his cluster side) opens up bigger then his right....It's like you can almost tell that the mushrooms are doing something to his affected nerves...Has this happened to any of you?

  16. Hubby is doing better then EVER !!! Only a few hits yesterday that were aborted easily with O2!! Life is great again  :) Today dosed for the 3rd time with 2grams of shrooms at about 3pm this afternoon and hasn't had a ha since !! Wow!!

    My hubby likes to drink 2 to 3 beers after work but decided to stop to see if it would help and it does makes a huge difference!! Hasn't drank any for 5 days and his ha's have been improving much better since! He looks and feels so much better!

    Busting is working guys! So so happy  :D

    Will let you know how the rest of the week goes but so far so good! When I think just 2 weeks ago he was going though hell while detoxing and getting hit after hit 7-10 kip and now  he is completely med free and the highest ha he got was a 7 maybe 8 that was aborted in less then 10 min. AWESOME !!

    Thank you clusterbusters   :)

  17. Thanks Bejeeber ! He is doing so much better now ! Almost no ha's yesterday...YAY :) Bought some Red bull and ready when he gets his next attack ! We have a party today and that is what he will be drinking....would rather drink beer but hey not worth the pain it will cause !

    Have a great weekend everyone!!  :)

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