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  1. Hi T - He has been chronic since June 2009. PF since mid November 2010. Before he became chronic in 2009 he had 6 to 8 weeks cycle during spring and fall. After being chronic for a year and half it's the first time he's been PF for so long. He busted with shrooms from July to October 2010. Took a while but I think the shrooms is what finally broke his cycle. Will now be fully loaded for his next cycle and should be a lot easier to bust at the beginning of the cycle ! Hopefully they will never come back.... :-
  2. Awww you guy's are so sweet Thank you !! We had a wonderful day !! It's nice to finally go out to dinner and not worrying about my hubby having an attack ! My hubby being PF is the best gift I could ever ask for !! Big hugs to you all
  3. Thanks everyone for your kind words ! It's nice to finally share some good news with you all ! You are right Tingeling, the busting treatment is probably what broke his cycle and this his why he is doing so well on a low dose of verap!! And we know that at the first sign of the ha's returning he will bust again! Life is good again And it's funny how little problems don't bug me or stress me as much as before ! Nothing compares to what we have been through! I guess it's true when they say what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger! Thank you Clusterbusters 8-) XOX
  4. Hey everyone hope you all had a great holiday and Happy New Year hope it's a PF one!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I'v been pretty busy with work and all the holiday preps ! But have been checking in regularly. Well I have nothing but good new for you all !! My hubby's last bust was end of October and if you remember my last post he was getting worse so he went back to Zomig.....but he didn't need it as much as before he started busting. (Which was 2 a day for a year) He only needed it once every few days and the O2 worked within a few minutes ! In November we saw a new Neuro in Montreal at a top neuro institute. He told him that the verap he was on before wasn't the good one for him and gave him another kind....not sure about the difference with them but anyhow it seems to be doing the job with absolutely no side effects! He has been PF for 2 months now !! :) He only get's a few twinges here and there but that's it !! This is amazing because this time last year he was on Verap, lithium, prednisone and 2 Zomigs a day and still had headaches ! I'm thinking this is probably why he became chronic because he was on so many different meds that it just got out of control and was getting rebound ha's! We are so thankful we found this place because if it wasn't for all of you and your support he wouldn't have detoxed from all the meds and tried busting. And he also learned how to use the o2 properly ! THANK YOU all for being such a great support for us !! Now I just hope I didn't jinks him.... BIG HUGS TO ALL
  5. Don't give up Adam ! Keep fighting things WILL get better! It seems for some people it takes more time including my hubby who has been busting since July. He got worst before it got better. At one point he was getting hit with kip level 8-10 every hour for weeks ! He couldn't work, sleep or eat! But now it is so much better, not completely PF but so much better! Only suffers a 1 to 3 ha's a day that is aborted very quickly with 02 (within 5 min). Just don't give up! Were all here for ya!
  6. Thats is GREAT news Val  Thank you so much for keeping us updated, we always love a great success story and your right it does give others hope !! Please continue to keep us postedÂ
  7. If and when my hubby's headache start to get bad again this is the method he will try. And I will keep you posted all the way!
  8. Ya very happy to hear Dan! Looks like you are on your way again to PF Month and hopefully months
  9. Hi Dan Yes everything is still going very well ! Still has a couple of night time attacks but aborted very quickly with 02 ! During the day he is mostly PF For now he has them under control. How are you Dan? I read you had a few attacks the other day Did you dose and are PF now? Please tell me you are... Thank you so much for taking the time to check on us ! You are all so great! PFW to all ! Hugs
  10. Thanks everyone ! Things continue to improve! He only got very few small ha's in the past 5 days and aborted with 02 within 5min. Oh how I hope his progress continues! First time that he feels so good since he became chronic 1 year and half ago! He quit drinking beer and started working out again Amazing! PFW to all of you my friends! Hugs
  11. Every time I read about someone's success it always put's a smile on my face! It's not bragging at all! It's hope for those who still suffer Very happy for you Colemonster
  12. Wow amazing !! Thank you so much for the updates all the work you are doing !!
  13. Couldn't agree with you more Adam !! This place is awesome and very happy that it's helping you and your precious son!! I just wish I had found this place years ago ! Clusterbusters Rocks 8-)
  14. Thank you Cindy for thinking of us ! You truly are a sweetheart Yes my hubby is still doing amazingly well he gets 1 to maybe 3 ha's a day but very mild and aborted very quickly with O2 !! Life is great again and we have been keeping ourselve very busy ! And how are you Cindy ? Hope you are still PF and enjoying life ! Hugs to you
  15. Thanks Raquelinkansas and Bejeeber ! Yay we are so happy that he is finally getting some pain free time ! We are enjoying every minute Crossing are fingers that this will last !
  16. Same with my hubby! Every time he busted with shrooms he says he could hear a Ping sound in his head !
  17. Thank you Cindy for sharing your own experience and for your words of encouragement ! I'm so happy for your success, you are no longer considered chronic I bet that must be the best feeling in the world !!! My hubby has been doing amazingly well After weeks of busting non stop and going through hell the last few weeks with the post dose hits he decided to go back to Zomig (nasal spray) contrary to imitrex wish gave him very bad rebound ha's, Zomig has always given him around 12 hrs pf time, so he would take 2 a day! But now since busting he gets up to 48 hours relief with just 1 zomig. It almost seems like his cycle is ending ! And we know it can't be the zomig alone so were thinking that the busting did the work ! He just needed to take a break from it ! He is now getting better and better everyday If things get bad again he will try MJ's method next ! We still believe strongly in this treatment ! Big hug to you
  18. Hope I don't jinks him but I'm happy to report that my hubby is doing incredibly well !! Zomig are giving him 10, 15 and some days even 24 hours of Pain free time and in between the O2 works within 5 min. ! Maybe all the busting did the job after all or maybe it's because he hasn't had any alcohol for 3 weeks now...anyhow were enjoying life again ! He is tempted to try the seeds but I'm a bit nervous because things are going so well now I don't want him to stir things up again....not yet !! I think we should wait a few more weeks and see if the Zomig stops working then he can start busting again and try to get rid of this once and for all ! It's up to him decide what is best, I will support either way! Hope you are all doing well ! Checking in daily to see how everyone is doing ! Hipshot you sure make my hubby laugh....love the new song by the way ;D Wishing you all PFD Big hug to all !!
  19. My hubby gets nauseous every time he gets a level 10 headache and when he forces himself to be sick it's like the pressure elevates and his headaches stops soon after.
  20.  ;D Too funny Hipshot !! But didn't you see any Angel fly by ?? Â
  21. Alleyoop - Yes he will diff. try MJ's method Hipshot - No worries my hubby has no intentions of going back on Prednisone. Did you think that because of MJ's post? Because he means dosing with the RC seeds in same way as a Prednison taper..but it's not prednisone it's with the RC Seeds Right now he is just taking a break from all the pain he has been through by taking zomig but he intends on detoxing again soon and trying the seeds. Thank you all for your concern you guy's are all so amazing ! For now were are doing fine His energy is back up he is eating and sleeping well !
  22. Hi David and thanks for asking - He is doing better since going back on Zomig he gets 10 to 15 hrs of relief with them. He just needed a break from busting. He was getting hit every 2 hours during the day and every hour at night all above kip 7 even 4 days after busting and he was only getting worse! I know it's normal to have post dose hits but this was insane! Now I don't know what to think of all this....should he try again or not ? Does this mean busting won't work for him? He hasn't tried LSA seeds or LSD yet so I'm reading as much as I can to figure out the best plan for him. We won't give up..
  23. Matty - My hubby went up to 3gr of shrooms and things only got worse so he went back down to 2gr. Then tried the combo 1gr. of shrooms with 30 RC seeds, after that he got for 1 week a good day then a bad day, then a good and so on... Ron - It is very scary right now but I don't think going to the er will help! We have been there before and there isn't much then can do except giving him prednisone which doesn't help much anymore. November 10th he is finally seeing a top neuro at a big Neurology Institute! Hopefully they can help! MJ - Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and idea! Makes a lot of sense and it has given us more hope that this could work My hubby read it and is very willing to try it. Cause like you larger dose seem to make it worse! Before he became chronic a year and half ago he would get ha's on both sides. But since starting the meds he always had them on the left. Then when he started to bust with shrooms the ha's slowly started to switch side. Now his reg. side is better but the other side is getting worse and worse!? Today he wasn't better so he took a zomig to get relief. I know it's unusual but he usually gets 12 hours of relief with zomig! This should give him a break from all the pain he has been through the past weeks. Don't know when he will bust again but when he does it is diff. going to be with the RC seeds. Thank you again everyone for your kind words and support! Will keep you posted
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