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  1. about 21, woke up with a huge pain in the back of my head, paniced, called doctor... was incidental at first, but it got worse and worse, spend 7 years wandering what itw as, no doctor could tell me, had therapy, nose operation, the usual. kinda figured it out myself, after some research. now chronic, but not too bad, exept a couple times a year, when im a mess for months.
  2. martin

    can you help

    yea thats probably not smart to do...
  3. martin

    can you help

    you could make a trip to holland, you can buy truffles here legally, in smartshops (lots of those in the big cities). and grow sets. and other psycedelics, also legal, like lsa, mescaline...
  4. martin


    thanks guys. getting medicin on your own is rather hard in the netherlands, ill have to speak to my doctor.. but i will. doing a little better again, now. as long as it lasts...
  5. martin


    ah thanks, thats quite a lot of melatonin, i guess id have to contact my doctor for somthing like that then...
  6. martin


    hmm.. anybody have experience with melatonin? and what dosage doesone need? here in holland they only sell pills of 0.3 mg free in stores, i just read.
  7. martin


    yea me too.... sometimes i wander if this wont become more and more of a problem when i get older, and have less resistance to all kinds of things. afterall, you recover during sleep. not enough sleep simply means less recovering..
  8. martin


    how do you guys deal with lack of sleep? i find it harder and harder to deal with, since its starting to affect my general health. over the last 6 months i havent been able to sleep more then 4 hours max in a row(6 hours on rare occations), and often only 2 and then awake again, to wait out an attack. so how do you guys cope with this problem? with me taking verapamil, i can handle the attacks, mostly. but the lack of sleep seems to affect me more and more...
  9. i cna sleep too after energy drink, if ive only had a couple hours sleep. if i drink it in the evening, though, i cant sleep at all that night. so i only do during daytime.
  10. ive had CH for 20 years now, maybe 10-15 years chronic. it kinda slowly developed into that, just got worse and worse. at some point i just allways felt bad, those shadows never went away and i rarely have good nights sleep. verapamil and meditation helps me through it, and im trying this now, since a week.
  11. im a pot smoker, and only in my worst periods, i tend to smoke less, because its a bit harder to deal with all the pain when youre stoned. but for the rest, i dont think it makes any difference, in long periods i dont smoke pot, i dont notice any change. it just helps me relax a bit, and feel a litle better under my constant shadows. maybe compareble to how someone might drink a beer to relax. btw alcohol doesnt trigger for me eighter, so maybe its just me, i dont know...
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