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  1. I am very looking forward to seeing everyone! Can't wait! Mel
  2. I had to go get a mug of coffee after reading all of that.
  3. As long as each person who attends takes away at least ONE thing that is informative and helpful, that's all that matters. Sorry I missed it but am aiming for Chi Town. 8-)
  4. I'd love to attend this year, but extra money we'll have has already been pre-spent. I will anxiously await the announcement of 2013's location though!
  5. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I was wondering what the deadlines are for the registration fee and hotel booking? Thanks! :)mel
  6. I see that after Saturday on Sunday it's August 22nd? Might want to change that.
  7. mel


    :'( Very sorry to Will and those he left behind who cared for him.
  8. I know this was posted back in January, but I just found it now. Hi Flash, you've definitely been missed. ~melissa
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