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  1. Excellent, thanks for the info! You do seem to have one of those CH cases that is "morphing", with later starts and longer cycles. It will be interesting to see how you react long-term to this (or any other busting option). It sounds like you have a reputable supplier, from what I was able to see online. I guess the only thing that concerns me is the lack of effects. At a dose of 15mg-20mg, you should definitely "feel" something, if only a little bit buzzed. Your description of the powder and taste are spot-on, though. And yes, I heard that the UK government is about to crack down on this (lumping it in with a whole bunch of other substances, like the 2C phenethylamines). I guess it's just a factor of paranoid public policy, and guilt by association. I can't imagine anybody using this as a recreational drug, it just wouldn't be any fun. And to the best of my knowledge, the only death attributed to it was a guy who got hit by a truck while he was on it (and he was also drunk. Go figure!) As far as shelf-life, it should be several years. I would consider keeping it in an airtight container in the freezer, at the very least keep it away from any moisture. Good luck, and thanks for keeping us updated!
  2. Hi Par, I'm sorry I seem to have neglected a couple questions you've asked. I haven't been following up too much here. In short: Body mass should have no bearing at all, since this is a tryptamine that works in our brains and doesn't have to be metabolized through any of our major organs. (The fact that is starts working so quickly indicates that it is almost certainly absorbed directly through the stomach.) As far as empty stomach/with food, it probably doesn't matter. If you get any side effects that feel like nausea or indigestion, it may be better to take with an empty stomach. Dosage-wise, I would personally be hesitant to go much higher. I don't think this is a "quantity" thing. I do know people who have experienced up to 30mg, and the effect on their CH was no different than 15mg. Above that, you start getting into a "recreational" dosage (commonly reported as 40mg and up), and that's just not my thing. I'll throw a couple questions your way, if you don't mind: Are you a CH-only person, or do you have multiple headache types (migraine, NPDH, SUNCT, any of those)? You mentioned that you've had good results with MM, how often did you have to dose with that substance? What amounts? You also mentioned 50mg of V3? I'm not familiar with that, can you tell me what that is? Thanks! I am really interested in gathering anecdotal information from people. Although I can't use it to add to the study, it will help me understand some of my theories a bit better! EDIT: I missed one question. How do you know you received pure 5-MeO-DALT? Very difficult to answer. Assuming you don't have a chemistry lab at your disposal. . .First, what's the reputation of your supplier? Did it come with any paperwork, like a lab assay? (This can be fudged, of course, but every little bit helps!) What does it look like? It should be a bright white crystalline powder, almost fibrous (particles can look like tine hairs when they clump together). It should be dry and fluffy, and shouldn't clump easily or stick together. Onset of effects should happen between 10-20 minutes after ingesting, depending on the type of capsule you're using.
  3. Well, since we're talkin' science now. . .assuming we could establish some links there (I'm a little skeptical about trying to link tryptamines and oxygen, among others, to increased growth hormone), by that logic, we should be able to treat CH with injections of easily-available HGH, plus we would all have muscled beach bodies too! Sounds like a win-win! But alas, HGH and hormone enhancement/replacement therapy with testosterone have been tried. Results were minimal, at best. As for "where CH comes from", I do indeed have my own theories about that, and I am 99% sure that it ain't where we've been looking.
  4. I don't want to stir the pot at all, but I felt the need to chime in on this because I feel there are some glaring omissions in the D3 regimen information. Since it has taken on a life of its own, the other board/original post is probably not the place to mention this, but I will do it here: First, let me say that I have personally corresponded with Pete, the originator of this treatment option. He is a brilliant guy, and is the most generous person I've ever seen with his time and knowledge. He has done more independent research than anybody I know. That being said, I feel the success rate as reported by the survey is extremely skewed. I don't think it takes into account the duration of relief, only a snapshot of short-term relief. People begin the regimen, there is a high degree of success (over 80%), and they complete the survey. However, I have seen firsthand that every single chronic CHer I know, and there are many, will stop responding to this regimen eventually, even with adjustments to dosage, addition/subtraction of co-factors, etc. While the overall success rate for episodics may indeed be very high, I think the success rate for chronics is actually much lower than reported. Only going by what I see and experience here. Now, I also feel a critical step is being left out of this research: the WHY. If we could learn exactly why this D3 regimen seems to help, we could learn why it doesn't seem to help chronics for long periods, and that knowledge could help us better understand where CH comes from. My own theory is that the higher levels of calcidiol act as a buffer to the immune system, a bit of a "shock absorber" to the immune response that causes the pain of CH. For chronics, the CH mechanism eventually finds a way around this temporary buffer.
  5. Good catch, HL. . .It's also very important to note for anybody considering any of the synthetic tryptamines (there are a bunch of them) that a lot of them have similar names and molecular structures, but are drastically different. The reason I selected 5-MeO-DALT was because of its high bioavailability (taking a capsule is always preferred to injection, insufflation, etc.) and relatively low risk of serious side effects. The extremely short half-life is a plus as well. Dabbling with any of the other compounds puts you in virgin territory, and I know from anecdotal evidence that some are much scarier than others.
  6. For what it's worth, the Elsevier article posted by didgens is a very good synopsis of this chemical. I prefer to stick to the science side, and don't put much credibility in trip reports from recreational drug websites. In my opinion, the only difference between this and an approved pharmaceutical is the people who developed it. A drug is a drug.
  7. Thanks, Mr Wknd! I honestly wish it were something better, that would work for everybody, with no legality issues or side effects. But for now, it is what it is, and I figured it's better to have it out in the open for discussion than locked away in my basement. Unfortunately, I've probably done all I can with it. I've quickly learned that without "PhD" or "MD" after your name, and support from a university or big pharma company, you really can't do anything at all. So I will be content to be a guerrilla scientist and just try to keep fixing shit on my own! I have a list of chemicals here that I feel show a lot of promise, and I will work my way through them one at a time and make my results public when I can.
  8. ^ Also very valid. In no way is this a "safe" chemical to put in your body. I guess I would consider it almost exactly on par with any of our other tryptamine options, including psilo/LSA/LSD. The potential for an unhealthy experience is there with all of them, and should not be downplayed. I will say that I also did plenty of reading on Erowid, DMT-Nexus, Blulight, etc. just to see what reports were out there. There are some scary reports, most of them acts of sheer stupidity by people actually seeking out a trip. High doses, frequent doses, combinations with other drugs. . .some of these people are morons. :-? Experience-wise, one interesting thing that was noted every time by both participants, all effects are completely gone in two hours, every time. Until we have something other than tryptamines, we'll always have this risk. But I'm working on that, too.
  9. All very valid points, for sure. I appreciate your excellent feedback! I guess all I can say is, at this point, I'm not willing to form any conclusions/opinions other than what I already know, which is basically: This is a tryptamine molecule that should work just like other tryptamine molecules for CH patients (at least on paper). For two patients with limited experience using tryptamines, it did. I have a personal "good feeling" about being able to control the exact dosage and also that there are no other chemicals getting into the brain, but that's all it really is, a warm fuzzy on my part. Proving that would require a level of experimentation that I'm just not smart enough to do. So in a nutshell, I can't condone anybody experimenting with this substance, and I can't stop anybody from experimenting with this substance. Yes, I would like to expand the data beyond two people, but I'm also not really equipped to do that. So this may become more of a crowd-sourced experiment than an official trial, but I'm cool with that. After all, that's basically how we all got to where we are today, right?
  10. Well, in all fairness, I can pop in to answer a basic question now and then. The main thing I can't do is debate or defend my work here, unfortunately. That has to be done elsewhere (as well as reproduced on a larger scale). That being said. . . Personally, I don't think this is necessarily "better" than any other busting option, and in fact may be "weaker" for intractable patients who regularly use high doses of psilo or LSD or LSA and get very little relief. On a molecular level, it is doing the same thing. Where I see an advantage is twofold: 1. The patient is getting ONE chemical. Everything we put in our bodies has a ripple effect. When we take LSA, we are also getting dozens of other chemicals, some of which act on the brain. The LSA does its job, but those other compounds are in there doing other stuff. Might be good stuff, might be bad stuff, who knows? 2. Think about dosing with tryptamines like any other medication. If your doctor puts you on, say, Lipitor for cholesterol, you are told to take 20mg per day. If you take 5mg one day, then 200mg another, then maybe 50mg, it doesn't all average out in the end. You're better off taking a consistent dose, same dose, every time. I see tryptamines the same way. If I can find a successful dosage and repeat it precisely, I am much better off than just taking random doses and waiting for my symptoms to return. Just my theory, I have no hard science to back that up. So, I guess I would caution you not to get too excited. This treatment was tested on an extremely small sample size, and I may or may not be able to speak from personal experience with it.  I will add this disclaimer, though. If this is something you feel you want to try, make sure you do everything safely and accurately. Like any other strong drug, you can really F this up if you cut any corners or do it half-assed.
  11. Thank you, sir. Small steps! And yes, I'll be there in September. Look forward to meeting you, you were one of the guys who helped me out the most at the beginning!
  12. CH friends, While this is pending publication in a few different places, I wanted to make it available here in the event that it may be helpful to one or two of you in certain countries. I will present it without much comment, it speaks for itself. A small amount of background, I initially set out to find out why some of us were getting such inconsistent results with "busting" methods. The part that I was really stuck on was dosage control, especially relating to my own experiences with LSA. How did I really know how much LSA I was getting when I extracted RC seeds? And in addition to the LSA, what other chemicals were being extracted? How could I accurately track my results if I'm getting wildly different amounts of tryptamine every dose, along with dozens of other chemicals which may interfere? I was never a psilo user, but the same caveat applies. This started my search for an indole molecule that would give me an exact dose without any other chemicals interfering. I tried very hard to create a pure extraction of LSA, but failed to get more than globs of crystals that were potent, but still nowhere close to pure. Reaching the end of my own chemistry abilities, I turned to Alexander Shulgin's work. After about six months of research, I found my molecule. Pure, orally bioavailable, relatively safe, very low-grade side effects. Disclaimer: This is nothing new, only an option to supplement current busting treatments. I present it only because it may help one person. Because I am actively engaged in other research, I can't engage in discussion or debate here, if anybody wants to. That's just not my thing. I will do my best to answer any questions via the contact info provided. I also want to add a huge thanks to all of you here who helped me when I was hurting. . .you bought me the time to do research like this. There is more to come! http://figshare.com/articles/Treatment_of_Cluster_Headache_Symptoms_using_Synthetic_Tryptamine_N_N_Diallyl_5_Methoxytryptamine/1119697
  13. Thanks, CHF! Doing great, thanks. Took about a year to get through all of my "dabbling" and experiments (including the GABA and about a dozen other things). Now following a modified version of batch's D3 regimen with an occasional (every two months) low dose of seeds, and I count myself among the pain-free (about 99% of the time, anyway. . .which, for a chronic like me, is outstanding!)
  14. Thought this might be a good place to chime in, I have made myself absent from this forum for a long time, but I am the guilty culprit who brought up the GABA. My GABA experiment was short-lived, although I do personally believe that it can cross the blood/brain barrier in sufficient amounts. What I found was a tolerance issue, I kept upping the dosage until it got a bit ridiculous. It did give me approximately 30 days of pain-free time, however. It's a pretty unique "buzz", too. Totally coherent, but you can't really form thoughts around things in the past or the future, only what's right in front of you. And yes, I also dabbled with St. John's Wort for a while, which I think is very helpful for people who are inclined to manic-depression or bipolar disorder as a cofactor.
  15. Ricardo, no offense, but I'm extremely in tune with my CH and how the animal behaves. The changes in my sleep cycles and quality were instantly quantifiable, and I got 20+ days of relief. I've never had 2 consecutive days of relief, let alone 20. And I'm still cruising along relatively pain free, even after my recent little setback. Funny how neurontin and similar anti-siezure meds have been indicated for CH, yet there's no apparent crossover between the two disorders.
  16. Interesting stuff, Bonkers. . .it's gonna take me a while to research the gabapentin and compare it to some of the OTC versions available. On a related note, I think I've answered the question "Is it possible to develop a tolerance to GABA?" The answer appears to be "yes". After a couple more days of peace, I started today with hits at 3am, 6am, and 9am. Oh well, at least it's consistent!  My next step is some combinations of GABA and inositol, possibly together or at different times of day. Back to the drawing board, kinda.
  17. Back on a normal schedule, back to being pain free. I changed my B6 to a B complex, and have stayed with 2.25g of the GABA.
  18. Sorry I've been AWOL for a couple days with no updates, Sunday was an insanely busy travel day complete with delayed flights and lost luggage. Just a brief update. . . On Monday morning, I got what I'll call a CH hit at around 8am. It started as a little shadow, intensified sharply to about a 7, then was gone in about 10 minutes. That was about 30 hours ago, and I've been completely pain-free since. The variable was what I did with the GABA on Sunday. With an evening layover in Chicago, I figured it would be smart to take my normal dose very early (4pm) and sleep on the plane. That didn't work out, so I ended up wide awake until after midnight, then got some really fitful sleep. The link between GABA and sleep is a very direct one for me, so being awake for 8 more hours after taking it was a problem.
  19. Nice find, AO. . .some good reading in there, I'm going to dig into that further next week. I'm especially interested in the tolerance angle, and what I can expect from GABA and/or its precursors. Interesting to note that the few people I'm in contact with plus a few on the forum are running at about a 2.5 out of 6 success rate, but I also notice that the less-successful tend to be the ones who have been on/are on some stronger meds, especially in the psych realm. Those of us who are getting positive results generally haven't. Speaking only for myself, the only prescription med I've ever taken for this was prednisone, and I got off of that quickly. I tend to think that CH will "entrench" itself against the chemicals we throw at it, so maybe I'm like the kid who tries a beer for the first time. It hits me like a ton of bricks, but doesn't make a dent in someone whose brain has already been through the CH machine for a lot of years. 11am on day. . .what. . .17? Another decent night of sleep, no CH and no shadows. Still only on 2.25g of GABA with 100mg of B6. As I'm on vacation, I should note that I've had at least some alcohol every single day this week, too. . .usually a pretty reliable trigger for me.
  20. Mystina, I stand corrected. . .your CH sounds more similar to mine than I originally thought! Just to maintain my personal update, I added 100mg of B6 last night (it's a lot, but that was the only dosage I could find here on the island) to my usual 2.25g of GABA. There is some evidence out there that B6 helps the brain use GABA, or in the absence of natural GABA helps the brain create it. Anyway, I think it enhanced the effects, if nothing else. I felt extremely tired, which I never really got with just GABA. Slept through the night again, woke up feeling good. Starting day 16 today. . .I think the most notable thing is that I've had absolutely no CH activity at night during all of this. The few shadows I've had have all been mid afternoon. I'll keep updating my progress in the event that this might help someone else.
  21. Hey Lallangoti, It goes without saying, but I hope your last paragraph was just a wisecrack. CH sucks, but the days of being "suicidal" over it should be in the past. Plenty of options that can help with the pain, man! I am interested in your experiment, though. My original theory was really that the GABA needs to "fly solo" so to speak. I don't think it directly interacts with anything, but I do think there's the possibility of sending mixed signals to your melon (and maybe your digestive tract, eh?) Since you are seeing some relief, I seriously suggest just a clean trial of the GABA. . .hell, the magnesium and melatonin weren't really doing you any favors, so what's wrong with taking a few days off of them?
  22. Hey CHfather, no worries there. . .I didn't invent GABA, definitely no vested interest in it other than something I pulled out of my butt during some internet research. I think the pattern I'm seeing is pretty much what I expected. . . Some of us (like me) have seriously screwed sleep cycles. There's some belief that it causes CH, but I think it's a parallel symptom. We never reach actual REM sleep because of all the extra impulses bouncing around in there, and because we don't reach REM sleep, those impulses don't have an outlet (other than to F with the HPA axis and cause a lot of pain). I think that's why the GABA has worked for me, it's the chemical equivalent of filling my head with foam and slowing down those surplus impulses long enough to let my brain sleep. For some others, I think CH has a totally different set of root causes. Mystina is probably a good example, her CH and my CH have nothing in common except the pain. I hope there are a few others floating around who have the same version of this mess that I do, and we can keep experimenting! Who knows, maybe we'll stumble upon something that works for everyone. . .it sure as hell ain't going to come from a pharmaceutical company! Just for my daily update. . .100% pain free today, pretty sure that's 15 days. Had a minor shadow yesterday at 4pm. I swear, I chased it with two beers and almost dared it to develop into a skullbuster. I'm taking a B6 tablet with the GABA tonight to see how it effects potency-
  23. Hey Bonkers, sorry to hear about your results. I guess part of me had always hoped this was a magic bullet for everybody, but I knew better! If you don't mind me asking, what is your CH situation? I believe it'sa child that has it, right? Chronic or episodic? Ever been any major sleep disorders, aside from the clusters? Anthony, I sent you a PM. . .your reaction is pretty strange, man. As for me personally, still no CH. I noticed last night that I couldn't "feel" the effects of the GABA as much, so I'm curious about tolerance issues.
  24. CHfather, just to address your question as to my choice of GABA vs picamilon et al. . . I was probably thinking less about science and more about philosophy. I subscribe to a lot of Eastern philosophy, so essentially I thought if something like picamilon causes X amount of GABA to cross the BBB (let's say 100mg, just as a random number) and taking 2g of just GABA also causes 100mg to cross the BBB, I will always choose the simpler of the two. In this case, just GABA. Now, my plans to test this theory go much deeper, but I'm not going to elaborate on anything other than the GABA here until something changes. There are compounds that work with GABA to make it more effective, etc. . .but as of now, I haven't needed to change my approach. Anecdotally, there are three other people currently sampling this approach who choose not to post here, but I have been getting some notes from them.
  25. Ahhh. . .Shocked, you ran across some of the very studies that led me back to GABA, especially that very small Sodium Oxybate study. Now, my thought process behind GABA was much less scientific than theirs, as I'm no neurologist. But the basic premise remains. . .leftover electrical signals in the brain with nowhere to go. However, I differ from their hypothesis in one way, and that's that I believe GABA can help solve this problem all by itself, as it is a natural compound in our brains already. I'm sure that Jazz Pharmaceuticals would rather pursue their SO compound, and that's fine, but I am much more of a naturopathic believer than I am in big pharma. Can't dispute those results, though. To revisit Anthony's question about melatonin, no, it probably can't "hurt" anything, but I also don't think it will give him a "clean" sample of how GABA will personally affect him. It is an ingredient in a lot of those sleep and focus formulas, usually in amounts aroung 100mg. We're talking about taking approximately 30 times that much, so I'd still be hesitant to mix it with anything that also works in the brain chemistry area. Just my $0.02. . .marking two full weeks without an attack today. Fingers still crossed. . .and Jeff, no noticeable increase in my breast size, either! Hahahahahaha!
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