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  1. It appears that some people may be having a allergic reaction of taking D3. Below is a link that everyone should read (especially pages 2 & 3). http://www.medicinenet.com/vitamin_d-oral/article.htm Wishbone
  2. bobb I have never recorded my hits in correlation with the barometric change so I could be totally wrong (I usually am just ask my wife, lol) but it just seems when we get funky weather I get more hits, but it could be my imagination.
  3. bobb I hear you, I don't know why either but this cycle is the worst I have ever had in the 17 years that I have had CH. I know without question changes in humidity (and of course roller coaster changes in barometric pressures certainly make my cycle worse and this year here in Alabama we have had both and I am guessing you experienced the same in GA. Nothing scientific about what I am saying just my on observation of affects on my. While I thought this cycle was over I have begun to have shadows again over the past couple of days which again corresponds to the weird weather we are having. I hope you and everyone else has PF days ahead. Wishbone
  4. Bobb a couple of things, your calcium citrate did not contain the magnezium or zinc but I don't know if that matters or not, second I had a somewhat similar experience but I remained on the regimen and my cycle seemed to have almost ended. One thing about me and it is almost constant is that I really ramp up in number of hits (not necessarily higher kips) as my cycle is coming to an end. I am not saying regimen did not work for you, but if you are like me you may have begun the regimen as your cycle is nearing its end (I pray that it is) therefore it is confusing as to whether the regimen was causing the hits to be more frequent. Regardless I am glad you are doing better and hope you remain that way. Wishbone
  5. Thanks CHfather for the link now I know in the future I will be able to use this regulator on the e tanks. Wishbone
  6. I think I may have the same regulator as Perediablo discribed. It is a Flotec and is wonderful. I have my non-rebreather mask and my demand value hooked to it. Mine however goes from 1 lpm to 60 lpm. Only disadvantage I would say is will only hook to the M Tanks (or I guess welding tanks). It will not hook to the E-Tanks. I do believe Flotec makes one that goes to 50 lpm that will hook to an E Tank. In retrospect I kinda wished I had gotten that one so I could use on either the E-Tanks or the M-Tanks because I normally only use 40 lpm. In any event I absolutely love it especially the higher flow rate. On a very low kip hit (< 5) I can abort in about 3 minutes at the 40 lpm. Gook luck Wishbone
  7. Here's the complete daily anti-inflammatory and buffering regimen along with doses which are suggested to be taken. 3000-3600 mg. Omega 3 Fish Oil (dose depends on brand if three (3) softgels are taken - some are 1200 mg. liquid softgels like Nature Made others are 1000 mg.) 10,000 I.U. vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 2-3 of the Calcium Citrate tablets formulated with vitamin D3, magnesium and zinc An 8 oz. glass of lemonade with lunch, dinner, or both meals I get all of the above at Costco as shown in the photo in the attachment These brands at Costco have the best bang for the buck and the cost of dosing with this regimen is less than 25 cents/day. The Nature Made Omega 3 Fish Oil also has one of the highest concentrations of the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA, DHA and other Omega 3 at 720 mg per serving of two liquid softgel capsules. The Kirkland brand of calcium citrate also contains more vitamin D3 along with the magnesium and zinc that are needed with the vitamin D3. The calcium, magnesium and zinc also act as a buffer when taken with juices high in citric acid... i.e., fresh lemonade, limeade or... I've also found that Baja Bob's sugar free margarita mix works well as it's fortified with additional citric acid. The assay for two of the Kirkland brand of these tablets follows: Vitamin D3 800 I.U. Vitamin B6 10 mg Calcium 500 mg Magnesium 80 mg Zinc 10 mg Manganese 1 mg Sodium 1 mg Boron 1 mg If folks can't get the Kirkland brand of calcium citrate tablets, Citracal Plus Bone Density Builder™ has a similar formulation, but it has a mix of calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. Some folks find they need to take calcium carbonate with meals to help prevent tummy distress... Regarding the 10,000 I.U. therapeutic dose of vitamin D3, I've attached a paper by Dr Peter J Lewis, MD from down under... It provides a good coverage of therapeutic dosing along with a suggested maintenance dose at 5,000 I.U. Info courtesy of Batch Wishbone Vitamin_D_deficiency.pdf
  8. Kaboom there is really no benefit of taking the D3 over time. I and most that I know take all the dosage at one time and as Bejeeber stated with food (in my case cereal in the AM). Again it is very important that you are taking the calcium citrate at the same time you are taking the D3 (I don't mean at the moment but during same day if you do elect to spread out the D3 dosages over time). The calcium citrate not only works to help balance one's PH, but the D3 will absorb calcium and at high dosages it could become problematic. Also when taking the dosage of 15,000 IU be cautious of getting in the sun as it of course is the most natural source of Vit D. Wishbone
  9. I heard that, I was on 480 mg per day of Verapamil but I was never affected with constipation like most. I no longer take verapamil as it interferes with other meds I have to take because of stents implanted last year. One thing however about calcium citrate is you get magesium and zinc as well as the calcium in one tablet so you don't have to take each seperately.
  10. Sorry to hear your still getting hit. Also sorry for the Southern expression "green apple quickstep", it is diarrhea. Mag can have that affect if too much taken. Have you ever heard of Milk of Magnesia. Good luck and I hope you get PF soon. Wishbone
  11. I don't know if you read the thread you saw where I am getting PF after 3 months and I was takin 20,000 IU of D3 for about 2 weeks. I took all 20,000 in the morning with a bowl of cereal. This is when I took the fish oil (3,600 mg) and calcium citrate (3,000 mg). Again because of the timing (my cycle having been in force for 3 months) I have no idea if this regimen worked or if my cycle was just ending. I do think like with meds if you elect to space out the dosage of D3 you should eat something when you do. Good luck in getting PF Wishbone
  12. Yury this is great news so glad you may be getting PF. Just one note if you are adding calcium citrate to the regimen it contains mag so you may want to see how this affects your system (not as it relates to helping PH Balance), as too much mag can cause you to have the "green apple quickstep". Good luck and my continued prayers for you. Wishbone
  13. CHfather honestly I think the lemonade is for purposes of correcting the PH and absolutely a correct alkline diet does help. I think your comment about "alkline pill" is also correct. I think most people naturally have a tendancy to be more acid and it seems at least for me when I am in cycle, I am way off in acid even though my diet has not changed. Also if you are on the D3 regime it is vital to take the Calcium Citrate because the D3 will eat up the natural calcium. As you probably read when I was in high cycle I was taking 20,000 IU of D3 3,600 Fish Oil/Omega 3-6, but I upped my dosage of Calcium Citrate from 2,000 per day to 3,000 per day and I did not suffer any side affects so it very well may be muscle tightness was partially due to your not taking the CC. Wishbone
  14. Yury CHfather is correct you don't need to detox from anything to take this regmen. I spoke directly with the original poster of the thread CHfather gave in his post and depending on how bad you are being hit you can literally take 20,000IU of D3 for 2 weeks without any problems, if you elect this route you should however also take 3,000 mg of the calcium citrate because the D3 does eat up the calcium. Also you should take 3,000-3,600 mg of the fish oil. One thing people may be overlooking as well is the lemonade. You do need to be drinking at least 2 large glasses of fresh lemonade (not from concentrate) every day. The lemonade and calcium citrate work to help get you body in PH balance. Good luck, Wishbone.
  15. yury sorry to hear you are in such pain but trust me I understand about 10 days ago and for the previous 2 weeks I was getting hit 10-18 times a day and like you every hour during the night, all night long. To your question the D3, Fish Oil and Calcium Nitrate won't interfere with the meds you listed. I am no expert but yes you need the Calcium Nitrate really for a couple of reasons the main one being the D3 dosage will eat up calcium so you need this supplement to counterbalance. I won't profess to explain the other reasons other than it helps you PH Balance which much of the time if way off (too acidity) when in cycle. Also you need to add fresh made lemonade and drink a glass with lunch and dinner. Also to your failing detox, I did the same thing and was only lacking one day when I got hit with a 10 at night and could not abort with O2 and took a zomig nasal spray. I now have been able to detox and ready to dose and all of a sudden my hits have disappeared, only 1 minor hit in a week. Good luck and I hope and pray you are PF soon. Wishbone
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