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  1. thanks a lot.. really appreciate the help
  2. can anyone helpme find the page where it explains the how to grow mushies. I have time today and feel better than i have the whole week so i figured id get out there and get what i need while sending off my payment to ralphster. Has anyone ordered the substrate from him?If so which one is the one to go with?? Thanks. Sam
  3. don't worry i'm not hopping on any more med trains without serious consideration first. That tincture was a big mistake. I'm feeling a lot better off of it even a day later. Thanks for the link
  4. haha crappity smacked = F'd. thats a funny auto correct this forum has
  5. VA, I can relate to you on the not being able to gain weight.. only i'm a chronic and i'm always hungry and eat well. Fortunately, I never had a doctor give me nose sprays other than avamys and i only used that for a few months, it didn't do much so i stopped using it. Have you tried using vaseline to maybe help with the burning? maybe its just crazy dry on top of being fucked with whatever it is that causes it to feel all clogged.
  6. I can't say I agree with all that you've said but to each their own. I've stopped the tincture. Best of luck to anyone else trying it. Hope you stay pain free les.
  7. thanks for the article. Hope you're doing well Ben.. it's nice to have such a library of articles available on this board largely thanks to you.
  8. les, This whole series of hits sounds to me like what I call 'outside in'; environmental or allergic type triggers which when they would hit me would send me on twenty four hour sleighrides to hell. So I would ask you to consider if you have been exposed; also, and this could be painful advice, are you inadvertently triggering yourself.... I know I was in denial myself for 37 years, but when I finally stopped smoking I realized that I was rebound triggering myself with nicotine constantly. (I actually experimented on myself after I quit, I am that masochistic, and I was right.) I was in even
  9. not impossible, just very difficult. There used to be a place that sold inoculated jars but not anymore. To be honest, I'm trying to just hold on here and inoculating jars seems like it would be impossible for me. Though as I write this, i realize that I sound lazy and should at least try. Is it ralph spores that are still around? I forgot the website. I really thought one of my wifey's friends was going to come through and they had me believing they would. But I guess I need to start taking matters into my own hands.
  10. you are right, brevity is a virtue. Unfortunately, I don't like to leave things incomplete. I guess I can edit it down.
  11. It usually feels like a cork only the side getting the cluster, only the cork seems to be coated in something that causes so much pressure and pain to build in my sinus that i want to tear my nose off. Drives me nuts. Hard to stay calm and breathe through the pain when you can't even bloody breathe. I guess its because the trigeminal branches out into the sinus?
  12. just an update as far as my experience with licorice root goes.. I started it tues jan 11 and went cluster free until this past saturday where i was disturbed out of a sleep 2 and a half hours in(big time trigger for me) i didnt get hit right away but sure enough the clusters ensued at 3 am. The next night at 3 am they came back but on the other side of my head (rarely do i get attacks on my left side) It wasn't nearly as painful as the clusters normally are and very short in duration. If there was ever a "puzzling" cluster i would have called it that. I kept on with the tincture.. got
  13. les - i hate to post this but as I do i'll just keep knocking on wood like crazy. I took the licorice tincture yesterday.. divided it up into 3 doses each time 10 drops which is equivalent to 130mg (according to the bottle) I waited about an hour and a half between each dose and took it when I started to feel the cognitive problems that I associate with the shadows. I know it can just be psychological, trust me I know, but the entire night I felt pretty damn good and this morning I arose with more energy than I ever have in recent years. Of course i'm anxious and tramautized from yester
  14. I wonder what percentage of cluster sufferers have been on an SSRI. My clusters started when I was on effexor XR and I hardly believe it was coincidence.
  15. Never relax ever. Welcome and you have gotten good advice above. http://www.plainboard.com/ch/chtherapy.pdf Study and read, knowledge is power the bb What do you mean "never relax ever" - I've always found that the best way to avoid being hit is to be busy and absorbed. Is that what you mean?
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