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  1. After reading this thread I started to look for clinical trials in the UK that I might volunteer for - I contacted the Beckley Foundation as they were involved with BOL-148 trials www.beckleyfoundation.org . I got a response from them today - thgey're not currently doing any trials but said that there are two clinical trials recruiting participants for psilocybin and cluster headaches: One at the Rigshospitalet’s Neurobiology Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark (Contact: Gitte Moos Knudsen, +4535456720, gmk@nru.dk), and one in West Haven, Connecticut, USA (Contact: Emmanuelle Schindler, 203-932-5711 ext 4335, emmanuelle.schindler@yale.edu; or Christina Forte, 203-932-5711, ext 2526, christina.forte@yale.edu). Thought I'd pass this on in case anyone wants to volunteer Phil
  2. Phil

    Micro Dosing

    DD, Pebblesthecorgi - thanks for the responses. Looks like the Microdosing is a lost cause - thanks for the advice. So I'll carry on with what works. Like DD says, I think grinding up to dust is probably the next logical step to gain consistency - I can fit it on to a tea-spoon and glug down with a glass of squash to stop the gagging. Who knows whether my brain is more/less susceptible - I have a strain called 'golden teacher' they are more visual than others which have been far too frenzied for me in the past. All I know is they work and stop the pain. I just need to make sure I'm in positive state of mind before doing it thanks guys, take it easy
  3. Phil

    Micro Dosing

    Dallas Denny - what sort of dose are you on? I'm 0.9g dried on a monthly basis when in cycle - as I say, for approx. 6 months of a year. Some times it's much stronger than others - I try to make sure I eat as much as I can before hand and just walk in the hills for hours. I'm thinking I might crush it all up in to a powder - that way at least the doses should be more consistent.
  4. Phil

    Micro Dosing

    Good morning Dallas Denny - yep, that's my worry. My overriding concern is having to do this when I'm at your time of life or even older - I cannot imagine that it gets easier.
  5. Hello everyone - I'm looking for some assistance. Firstly - I've had great success over the years after finding you all - so thank you. I'm episodic, and take MM for approx. 6-7 months of the year, once a month - that's from Sept - April and mange to keep the beast away. The issue I've got is that I don't really get on with the MM - like everybody else, I've got pressures at work, home and with kids - taking these things when I was young and care free was fine, but the realities of life as a mid-forties bloke supporting a family sometimes make the experience quite unpleasant. I've got myself a good stash now and am looking to experiment in the knowledge that I can always fall back on busting and the regular monthly cycle that works for me. So - I read some years ago about Micro Dosing, using smaller but more regular doses - what are people's experiences? Many thanks P
  6. CHfather - thanks for the reply - I tried ebay myself and managed to find a seller of HBWR seeds based in the UK, they are on the way. I took my last dose of MM yesterday afternoon, still got hit last night albeit with different characteristics, I missed the 5am hit this morning, but caught the 7am bout with O2. I'll manage with O2 until Saturday morning and then take the seeds - waiting 5 days after the MM Thanks for your help
  7. I found this today - wondering if anyone can see any correlations through their experiances: https://www.securevideo.com/blog/2016/03/18/global-barometric-variation-annual-maps-and-monthly-raw-data
  8. Hello - does anyone know where I can get RC seeds, truffles or MM immediately in the UK - I will travel? I've been hit really hard this winter, I've been taking MM every week to keep it away - I thought I'd stopped it last week but last night, through the night it's come back with vengeance - I have only one dose left, and am weeks away from harvest. No idea what's happened. any help welcomed
  9. This is interesting. I've been keeping things under control with MM for a few years but this winter in the UK, specifically this last 3-4 weeks I've been getting hit a couple of times a day - the weather and pressure changes are quite severe. I live in the north west in the Peaks. I've been thinking very seriously about moving somewhere closer to the equator to reduce the huge differential in daylight hours during winter v summer. I spent a few months in South America a few years back from beginning of Jan to June - I didn't suffer at all. That was after a fairly serious attack in the October before, so I would usually expect to get hit the other side of Christmas. Does this resonate with others?
  10. Hello all - it's been a while since I've been on here - Sept 2014 in fact. I saw this on the BBC website - thought people may be interested: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-36247599 A bit of an update: I have been mostly pain free since Sept 2014 - MM work for me, but recently got caught out thinking that I could stretch the 60 days - over the past year I've had a very stressful time at work, new baby and a house renovation so haven't felt like I've been in the right state of mind to take MM. The inevitable result being a recent cluster. I've hit it hard with x3 doses of MM over the past couple of weeks and am just feeling a slight shadows today. I also think weather has played a part too - we've had a severe shift from snow to 25 degrees in a matter of a couple of days - cluster coincided with that. Any other UK sufferers been effected recently?
  11. Hi Didgens, Yes - I am episodic. This is the first cycle/cluster that I busted. That was about 6 weeks ago now. I got the tell-tale signs of an iminent attack and used RC seeds. I had purposely not started my verapamil the month earlier so was completely clean. I used 50 RC seeds for each bust, crushed them to dust, soaked in water for 2 hours and drank it all. Best to do a couple of hours after food. I started as I say when I started feeling he shadows, and repeated every 5 days for 30 days (6 in total) - I have since found out that I nneded only do three repeats. I still felt the shadows until probably day 20 ish - but they diminished in severity, volume and logevity over time until none. My last dose was 22/10. I'm now planning on using a preventative dosage (I have grown some MM since) of 15g (wet), approx 1.5g dry MM stating on 22/12 and will repaet every 60 days. I have a back-up of MM ini the freezer in case I need to bust again. Reason for moving to MM is nothing more than I have grown them myself, thus I know the strain, stregth and how they have been looked after - thus they are as known a quantity as can be. Concern re: seeds was that I didn't know how potent they were or how well they had been kept. I am also looking in to the D3 regeme - having busted - thinking about moving on to that and dropping the 60 day preventative dosage in may be a years time once I'm fully 'topped up' and feeling like it's a regeme that I can stick to (a lot of tablets every day - may be a bit of a hassle as I travel quite a bit with work). Will obviously keep a stash of MM in the freezer in case I need to bust Outide of that - I'm still off alcohol - have been since the beginning of the bust - so almost 7 weeks
  12. 16 years - yes, but I'm only episodic - and I think that during that time there were a total of maybe 3 or 4 years where I didn't suffer (random years, not sequential) - but of course, also some terrible, terrible clusters too. I knew that the pain I was feeling was not normal - and because the doctors couldn't diagnose it I simply assumed that I had a very unusual and probably terminal illness - I say terminal in the sense that I thought that there would be one episode so bad that something in my brian would just pop and kill me, either that or disable me in a sort of stroke-like way. I was convinced that my parents would find me dead curled up in my bed after letting themselves in to my house because they hadn't heard from me for a week or so. Difficult to describe the combination of relief and anger that I felt after I was finally diagnosed having lived with those thoughts for such a long time. One thing that I can say for sure though is that with Sumatriptain, although you can abort the pain - and I have to say I was like a kid with a new toy once I got my hands on it - it does seem to prolong the clusters and it gives me a 'dirty, murky' head. With help from this site and the very kind people here I used RC seeds for my first bust 6 weeks ago - a few shadows here and there, but all good so far with my first harvest of MM safely dehydrated and in the freezer. have also started the D3 regeme
  13. I find that pressure changes are a trigger for me too - but only during the winter months - so from October through to March. This was one of the first patterns that I noticed and fed back to my doctor 20 years ago... I remember saying to him - 'I know this will sound strange, but these attacks do seem to follow the weather, it's like I can tell when the weather's about to change...' then followed 16 years of countless brain scans, eye scans and a septoplasty before I moved house and registered with another doctor who diagnosed me within 5 mins after I asked him for some antibiotics for my 're-occuring sinusitis'
  14. I used to smoke and found that smoking acted as a trigger when in cycle as alcohol does - but smoking made the attacks more severe. I've also found that I can smell someone smoking in the street from afar - I think again when in cycle I'm super sensative to it. I still get CH even though I've stopped smoking, just as I do when I stop drinking - it's just that I don't trigger additional attacks during cycles
  15. Hi - just wondering whether any UK based conferences/events are scheduled. Or is there a UK arm of clusterbusters that may run regular events?
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