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  1. I know this is cliched but this really is an amazing group of empathetic people! At least so far lol. At least our pain has made us that right? I will track down original d3 regime and see what I can add. Been in and out of this site for years, it just gets better and better every time! Forgot what imitrex does to be honest, think it started with thinking that 3rds would not have that effect but I'm suspecting it does! Will get some O2 stat Off to Bali alone in a week though and terrified of attacks on the 14hr flight so going to have to shoot up there So much love all
  2. Thank u for the warm welcome. Feel a lot more hopeful now ðŸ™ðŸ½ Didn't mention but Vit D has been corrected and take licorice extract daily. Think the entire regimine has been what's worked so far... Sum bigger than its parts and all that! Hmm maybe now is a good time to do some psilocybin busting Incidentally what's longest anyone has been in an episodic cycle? Xx
  3. Hey all. I have been an episodic CH for 15 years. I am 34 years old As an integrative/alternative doctor, I have tried almost everything to treat this. Yes including all the psychedelics The past year I have found an amazing combo that hasn't cured me but certainly made it possible to have a wonderful normal life between attacks. I have learned what foods my gut is intolerant to and stay away 90% of the time (gluten, diary, almonds, bananas, caffeine etc), I have acupuncture from an excellent acupuncturist at least once a week, I live a clean life with as few toxins as possible (free range foods, no smoking drinking etc) and most notedly have intravenous magnesium every second day or so during a cycle. I do still use a third imitrex/imigran to treat a headache What's different on this is that between attacks I feel completely normal. I can work, sit in the sun, run around with my kids, not feel low etc and the attacks are much milder, never more than 1 a day, never after the first hour of waking and no longer everyday for a month. Have about 2 a week or less. Thought I had beat it My problem ... And question is thus: I started with first headache of cycle in June. Then nothing for a month. Another 2 in July, then about 5 in August and now 8 or so in September. Still following the changes I noted above. I know I'm a special case but has anyone experienced anything like this?! I have never lasted more than 2 months but then everyday for 2 or more attacks a day. I'm terrified I've gone chronic but trying to hope for the best. Has anyone gone from episodic to chronic .... What was it like? Searching for light in this madness Xx
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