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    I know this is a late reply but I started my cluster cycle a day after my son was born and it was the first time I used oxygen as an abortive technique for the attacks. Although my frequency of attacks went up dramatically, I noticed that the pain never got quite as bad as it usually does. I was even able to use nasal sprays of Imitrex for some of my attacks and I somehow managed to take care of my little one through attacks. I don't know why the beast would be less severe while nursing, but your hormones and body are all out of whack and adjusting so maybe that plays into it? I did feel like I was physically beat down a little more than usual afterwards but the lack of sleep and having to recover from childbirth is exhausting enough so my recovery was very slow. About a week or two after my cycle was over I was finally able to 'let down' - I had to supplement w/ some formula for a little while b/c I didn't realize that my son was having to work so hard for barely anything. So I am not sure how your nursing is going but I know the attacks really made it difficult for my production and let down and it took me a while to be able to fully breastfeed. Hope all is going well with your little one!
  2. I feel like allergies are a major contributor to my CH. My cycles are always around some kind of allergy season - but they have been somewhat inconsistent in start date depending on location I am in. I had 2 years starting Oct 15th in Tampa FL area, then July 4th (skipped a year somehow) Move to Gainesville FL with July 4th, then Feb 13th last year and this year I just started April 19th. The times I have had them in the summer time I have had a much lighter schedule of attacks. I can't find any good sources for which particular pollens are in season during the times, but I typically always get some kind of sinus infection along with the attacks. I have never smoked and don't drink. I am very habitual as well, so the only trigger that seams plausible is allergy related. I feel like there has to be a trigger since my start times are not as consistent as other peoples. I want to have kids in the next year or two, but do not want to be pregnant and having attacks. Need to figure out how to time pregnancies around CH. Contemplating allergy treatments to see if it has any effect on my CH but not looking forward to more big medical related bills.