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  1. Hi, I talked a while ago about the app that we are building right now. This app I build out of personal interest to registrate my own attacks in a good way, and to help other who have these attacks. It will be free to download in the iTunes or Play store. But I need some testers to install the app and try how it goes. It is a very simple app but it would be nice if there are some people that want te check it again so we can start to registrate soon. About the setup of the app: When we have an attack we are unable to startup the computer and edit an excel list, unable to fill-in a report of an app om my mobile. At least, I am un-able to do this. The collected data of almost all apps get stored in a diary. Meaning I have to open and view every day individual to view the data, not handy Our app is made simple. Press the button of headaches and it is registered, press the button if Sumatriptan and it is registered. Press the button of having a massage, taking Vit D or drinking coffee.....and it is registered. Later you can see all your registrations on a timeline instead of an agenda to get a clear view on what you have registered. This will give the option to compare different years, month with each other, compare with other patients and thus giving us the option to help ourselves even better than we do right now. This app is build to help you all and not out of personal gain!
  2. Hi everybody. I've registrated with a new email address and username. But I am the same as Rogier Koning. We are building a new website right now to give all the users of the app the option to ask questions, add buttons to the app or meaby help us building the app. You can find the website at http://registrateyourjourney.com At the moment we are using every free hour we have to finish the first setup of the app. On the website you can see all buttons we have listed, if you need one more, please fill in the form on the website on the buttons page and we will try to add it as soon as possible. For the first release of the app you will be able to choose your own setup of buttons (not everybody is the same and does the same) You will be able to registrate and you will be able to make an export to your email or the clusterbuster website if you like. Meaby we will have a first setup ready as well for the timeline, but that seems to be more difficult. Hope we can help this way to get our Journey registrated! Best wishes to all that are in crisis right now. Happily mine are fading away at the moment.
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