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  1. Please, to get prove of the usefulness of any alternative treatment, please use my app to register all symptoms, medicine use, vitamins AND Alternative treatments. My idea, starting with this app was this: I you register Symptoms for a while you get a nice view on how you are doing. If you start a treatment (normal or alternative) And the symptom registration drop. You'll could have discovered a solution to treat you symptoms. If lots of people use that treatment and all have their symptoms dropping, we are getting in the right direction. To show what I mean I'll include my timeline (and an example of the timeline we are working on, just for you to see how we display information.
  2. Hi to everybody. I hope you are all doing better than the last time I've been posting. I am Finally doing better, after half a year being awake every night, it stopped after talking the mushrooms for about 6 days. Now I'm feeling pretty fine. But I'm here to inform you all that I have a new version of the app "Register Your Journey" online. I've added the option to change the date and time on a registration so you can add registrations that should have been registered on a other moment I've also added to option to add some alarms. I know every mobile phone has them, but in the future I will make the option so you can add Buttons to this alarm. Last I've added a "duration field" to the buttons that use the intensity slider. So now you can give an estimation of the attack as well. For people that don't know my app. My app is made by me.. Its free to download and it is a kind of Diary. But a diary you can use to log everything you want to remember about your disease. Not only attacks and medicine use, but also therapy, vitamins, food triggers,alternative medicine etc. Just by pressing the right button. The app is very individual. You can set your own set of buttons, because you have an unique journey to make. I've included my own timeline I have now after two month of registering and the timeline sketch we are working on to get even more view. Hope you enjoy my work. If you like it, it would be nice if you can share my messages on facebook, twitter, google + or with friend that can use it as well.
  3. Nice, finally I've sended them my contact and info about the app so meaby they can start first with the patients to register. Meaby the rithm of the attacks can be linked with the result/effect of the Psylocibin. Nice
  4. We do have a higher pain level in my opinion. Last year I hit myself with an hammer on the knee with full force. Saw some stars and a big egg started to develop on my knee. But just a little bit of pain, it was no problem.. But anyway, if you want to registrate, download my app I'm building for the clusterheadache and Migraine people. I've been posting messages on this board about it. Its a very simple app were you can load buttons with your symptoms, medicine, alternative medicine, activities and more. After installing the buttons you need, you can press them to register that item. The registrations are made with label of button, date and time, amount, intensity or duration. All registerations are displayed on a (for the moment) simple timeline. When I finisch some work I'm doing now on the buttons, I will make a better timeline that gives more view on all individual registerations. You can download the app for free because its my way to try to help us finding a solution.
  5. We just released a new version of the Android and Iphone app with a new function for the buttons. We have also changed the + sign to add buttons with a settings icon. The menu contains 3 items, delete button, Edit button & Add button. The edit option: With the “edit option†you can add a value to some buttons. The button will use this value when pressed. Go to the settings icon, press the “Edit†option. The edit icon now appears in your buttons. Press one button to see if you can set a value. Fill in the popup with the amount you use and safe it. From now on, when you press this button, you don’t have to add a amount, it will use this value. If you want to change this amount, just edit it again. We will use this edit option more in the future. All buttons will get some standard values to help you register. But more about that in a next update. I hope you like my work, please feel free to share any post with friends or other people that could use this app. Also people that have no symptoms, that are very healthy, could use this app to register. Just request the buttons you need and it is ready to use.
  6. Hi, the idea of the app is that you can personalize it. But for me personalize means that you can have your set of buttons. You can add a medicine, therapy, Symptom that is missing, you can request a button in the app or on the website (from the app you go to the website to request it) The only thing is that I need to add it. Reason why I add the buttons: if you add a button Medicine-X and someone else adds X-Medicine, you have added the same medicine. But if you decide to share your data with (for instance) clusterbusters, than they can't compare these data because they will be treated as different medicines. To solve this I would have to make a sort of a cross reference list and that is impossible. My app also has a bug. The History order isn't ordered well, they are a bit mixed up. (only iPhone) But for the rest it is working well. The most important thing now is that you can add the buttons and can start to register. We haven't reached the full potential yet. In Android we already have the Time line implemented, on iPhone we have it uploaded but we have to wait for approval.....of Apple. You can wait until the bugs are gone, but than you miss already a part of time that you could have registered. Next week update: We will add an option to set buttons automatically. Example: Paracetamol, now you press the button and you have to add the mg/amount of the Paracetamol. With the automatic function you can pre-set this amount. Meaning that if you press the button, the pre-set value is used and saved. One step less to register the use of Paracetamol. You can imagine you can use this for a lot of things. We have also added the option to register you temperature and bloodpressure. You can already add the button, but not use the button until you have the next version. Again, this works already on Android...Sorry Bad thing is, I also have an iPhone...Meaning I don't even have the latest fuctions. Other thing: If there are volunteers that want to help, maeby somebody that can design and rearrange the website/logo, knowledge of marketing to reach more people.....you are more than welcome to join this project.
  7. Perfect, I hope it will help you and all of us as group in the future
  8. oh, and we have 7 US downloads on iPhone right now (untill two days ago)
  9. @1961mom Thanks for sharing All help is welcome to get this project to live and work well. I'm spending now lots of time on it and we era updating the versions now. For Android I already have un update online with timeline in it. Very simple still but it already gives a glimp of what I want to do in the future. Lots of Users are also requesting new buttons, so that goes well. @KgB (KGB- russia?? I thought I would stay under the radar for a while) :) Anyway, no multiuser login. That is a good idea though and something I will put on my list...but a bit more to the bottom of it. I first need to have a single login system to be able to share dates in a certain group so you can support for instance Clusterbusters with your data or other groups that are looking for solutions. I don't have comments or buttons for notes, everything needs to be registered with buttons. The reason is that the content of a note is, in my perception, not very good for analysing. Thats why I also don't add an option that users can add their own buttons (a question I get a lot of times) Its important I think, that alle labels are known for comparison in a later stage. Hope you all enjoy the app, I hope its simple enough. If you need a button, please send me a message, Email or use the form on my website. You can also post it here but than it could take a few days until its added. And please, any shares on facebook or google+...twitter...pinterest or all on the same time would be really appreciated.
  10. Yeah. almost 75 downloads in a few days, nice. I get nice feedback from some users and a lot of people already requested new buttons. US only 1 download
  11. Nice. I hope it will work well for you and hope that it will bring light to the darkness. And if you need a button, just request a new one on my website or just ask me here. I can add it very soon and it will appear in your app without having to make an update.
  12. Hi everybody. I now have the iPhone app online as well. At the moment of this writing we are uploading a new version already because we've found some small problems, but you can already start to download. We also been adding a lot of new buttons, mainly in the symptoms, medicine groups, some in Food and drink and Vitamin C in the Vitamin and mineral group. I hope my app will help you to collect more data about what you have been doing and how you felt to shine more light on a brighter future. Link iTunes for iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/registeryourjourney/id1158818792?ls=1&mt=8 Link PlayStore for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.registeryourjourney.app Please let me know if you installed the app, if you liked it, if you need more buttons. I wish everybody will have a nice weekend and that you will see some sunshine and happiness And I am very happy now. I think my first message here was about 3 years ago, that I've been mentioning this idea/app and now I have it up and running. Happy happy happy
  13. And What if I add a button "other" under the list of Alternative medicines (http://registrateyourjourney.com/buttons/) you could use that one to register this item. Like this it would only be clear to you that you have used this, not the doctor and not the police. (I've added the button already to the list as you can see)
  14. I do understand that,its something I don´t worry about as being brought up in Holland. I would have no problem showing all my registrations inclusive the MM, LSD of Marijuana to my doctor or any law enforcer. But would the police take your phone when you've been in an accident? And wouldn't it go to far if they start to browse through all your information that has nothing to do with an accident? I would like to know more about that. Would they be allowed to see your private health information? A simple solution would be installing a password on the app, so that they can't open that information. But this would mean as well that every time you want to register something, you need to start with the password. not impossible but you understand that this wouldn't help the easy way of using this app, just press the button. Hope you can shine some more light on this case. The United States seem the country with most freedom in the world and I only hear comments about these kind of things from american people. For you the MM registration and that a police can take your phone and on the other side not able to send you doctor the information incl. the MM use. I find this all rather strange, but I will try to find a solution. (this is not to judge anything, just to understand)
  15. I've responded to Bob, I understand his concerns. I just hope he will give me a change. I offer my work for free, and there will be always a free version. But if there are a lot of people using the app and all cost for maintenance gets more, we need to figure out something. In my point of view there are different options. The users pays, it runs on volunteers or it has enough donations. One way or the other, there will always be a moment that something is going to cost money. And if you don't pay with money, you pay in other forms, like in facebook with your personal profile.. I hope we all agree to that What I've build doesn't collect any information about the user, its a stand alone app that helps you to (and me) collect the data you want and It safe it on your phone. From there you can only email it to the email address you fill-in in the sending form. No other communication is possible. I made a very basic app so we can all try the idea. Now its up to the users to like it, use it, advice me about new options and please: Know what you have done in the past, how your attacks have been just by clicking a button.
  16. Hi Treelove, We have some problems with the certificates we add to the app. Apple doesn't accept the upload because of that. I haven't figured out the problem. If you send you name, email of iTunes and type of phone to info@registeryourjourney.com I will add you to the list of testers and you can try it our before everybody else. I've added a slideshow to my website to show you haw its working. I found out that a lot of people like the idea but had no clue exactly what I meant. So I made a slideshow explaining everything. (www.registeryourjourney.com)
  17. Hi, All Adroid users that want to log their attacks, medicine use, therapy sessions, vitamins or MM/LSD use and more, can download now the APP I made to log my own attacks. It is free to download in the PlayStore now. Look for: Register your Journey If you need a new button to log something that isn't listed yet, please request a button here I hope it will help you logging all you would like to remember about your attacks, medicine use and all the other things you don't want to forget. If you download the app, please rate it as well, that would help me a lot for knowing if I need to go on or stop with the development
  18. And meaby the can use our data for research projects or ask us to start register certain things to see what it does. Al lot of users can generate a lot of data quickly and we can all, voluntarily, send our data to a researcher.
  19. Hi, I see my message had some views but no reactions. I hope this doesn't mean that there is no interest in logging detailed all you do to feel better. Would be nice if we could register detailed information all together. Now we are all talking about a lot of treatments, MM, Magnesium, vit D, running, resting, energy drink and other stuff. Some report that it isn't working, others say it does........why? Maybe we are just doing combinations different or the timing of doing those things.. Hopefully more detailed data could give us more knowledge of these differences.
  20. Yeah, I made it. I've finaly uploaded my app idea to the Play Store and sended out emails to all the Android users that signed in to become a tester of the app. This means we are finally in the testingfase of the RegisterYourJourney app. If testing goes well, I will publish the app as soon as possible for everybody to use. It will be free fo download. A small explication of why I've made an app for us. All the years that I already have cluster attacks, I've been looking for an simple way to register my attacks and everything I do to feel better. This is what I see as my personal journey. Excel sheets didn't work for me because its not an easy way, most apps only gave me the option to register attacks and medicine use, but we do so much more than that. A lot of apps also ask to many things when you want to register an attack. This is really nice to know but if my attacks starts, it hits me like lightning and I don't think about filling out a form with questions. The information collected in these apps are mostly stored in an agenda, nice, but it gives me no clear view on what I've done because I need to open day by day to find out. What does my app different for us RegistrateYourJourney gives the option to register whatever you want. If you would like to register only medicine use and attacks than you only add "Cluster headache" and "Your Medicines" as buttons to the app and you can push the buttons to register these items. Benefit now is that you can also register your vitamin D, magnesium or magic mushroom use. Or you can register the use of coffee if you are interesed in knowing if the use of coffee has any influence on your attacks. I've made (for the moment) 7 groups of buttons: Symptoms, Medicine, Alternative Medicine,Therapies, Vitamins and minerals, food and drinks and activity. In every group are some items listed, but it is still a small collection. If you need an extra button like a medicine that isn't listed or another therapy, just go to the website and request a new button and I will add it as soon as possible. Why would this app help us? I strongly believe that if we can register all we individual think is important, we will find more structure in our attacks. Maeby we can find out why Vit D seems to work for one and not for the other as a lot of things we try. Meaby we can try things together and registrate this also together, so we can do some investigation ourselves. Meaby we can combine our data with the weather report or allergy reports so we can see if there is a correlation between attacks and weather or pollen. Maeby later we can combine it with data collected in a health watch, but thats all future. The other side is that I think that pushing a button is easier than filling in reports. The easier it is to register, the more data we can collect. That has been the base of my idea. Hope you will all enjoy the app. It will be free to download from the Play Store for Android users. iTunes/Apple users have to wait a little bit more. The iOS project is finished but the publication time for iOS is way longer. If you want to become a tester, for this version and future ones, please send me an email and I will add you as soon as possible. Please mention the type of phone, operating system, the email address you use for the Play Store or iTunes and you name so I can add you correctly to the list. (Without the correct email address I can't add you to the whitelist for testers) Hope that I can contribute to our journey finding a solution and that everybody feels well.
  21. No jailbreak I've signed up for an Itunes and Google Play account so it will be a legal download Please send an email to info@registrateyourjourney.com with titel "tester" and if you have an iPhone or android phone. If I have the first test version online I will inform everybody with information how to find, download and install. Thanks very much. I hope some more will follow.
  22. Hi, I talked a while ago about the app that we are building right now. This app I build out of personal interest to registrate my own attacks in a good way, and to help other who have these attacks. It will be free to download in the iTunes or Play store. But I need some testers to install the app and try how it goes. It is a very simple app but it would be nice if there are some people that want te check it again so we can start to registrate soon. About the setup of the app: When we have an attack we are unable to startup the computer and edit an excel list, unable to fill-in a report of an app om my mobile. At least, I am un-able to do this. The collected data of almost all apps get stored in a diary. Meaning I have to open and view every day individual to view the data, not handy Our app is made simple. Press the button of headaches and it is registered, press the button if Sumatriptan and it is registered. Press the button of having a massage, taking Vit D or drinking coffee.....and it is registered. Later you can see all your registrations on a timeline instead of an agenda to get a clear view on what you have registered. This will give the option to compare different years, month with each other, compare with other patients and thus giving us the option to help ourselves even better than we do right now. This app is build to help you all and not out of personal gain!
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