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  1. I will give it a try.. lord knows it can't hurt... I never understood why don't get their blood work the same as the Dr. :|
  2. My cardiologist did a bunch of blood work, which I noticed included D3, but unfortunately I never saw the numbers.. I imagine it would be smart to get those numbers so I know where I stand... I am spending so much time trying to find oxygen here in Florida it's enough to make you crazy... got Rx for med o2 last year, but NOBODY would fill the darn thing, so now I am going to resort to a welding tank, tired of fighting with these people. Thanks for the info kind sir, I will see if I can get the D3 numbers, good advice.
  3. As in preventing CH in part or whole.. As opposed to taking it just because your Melatonin is low because your in cycle, but you just cleared that up. I guess I am just hoping it may help with my fall cycle, I have been doing the D3 regimen since fall of last year, it would be nice if the Melatonin added benefit in addition to the D3. You more than anyone know how we grasp at straws
  4. Sleep through an attack !?!??!?!?! Surely you jest :(... It does help me sleep when off cycle, that's the only reason I started taking it.. I get cycles in the fall or spring usually about two months long... It doesn't sound like it helps anyone in a preventative way for CH though ?
  5. Odd, I take 10mg of Melatonin every night, I have never noticed being groggy from it.. this is also the first time I read about it in relation to CH, I started taking it about 8 months ago to help me sleep. My cycles always hit around October, any chance the Melatonin will help at all ??
  6. Ahhh good info, going to send these to her now.. I got to admit that I have been hesitant in the past myself, but with no better understanding than this world has with CH's they don't give you much choice... Thanks very much for the ammo/info
  7. I just book marked the Visiting Nurse Association of Florida, I had no knowledge of these and will look into it this afternoon, Lord knows it can't hurt :/ Thanks!!
  8. I think my wife's concerns about welding o2 is starting to ease after some of the posts she read on here. I am going to keep my appoint with the Neurologist Friday just in case I can find a source for the medical, if not then I am going to take the welding approach.
  9. 10-4 on the mystifying... seems like 7 years ago it was easy, 3 years ago it started to get tough, now I am hitting a brick wall.. the ones that actually have them won't sell direct. Man if I could give them one of my nightly session I bet I would have some oxygen !!!
  10. Just called them after reading your post, (at least they sounded like they new what CH's were)... they told me even though I had DME prescription, that I would have to go through a DME (durable medical equipment) company ??? said they can't sell to the public. I am beginning to think this may be more of an issue with Florida law after speaking with her. Thanks for the reply, atleast now I can look into DME companies.. But if she was talking about medical supply companies that was a dead end.. every one that I called only had the portable cylinders Take Care!!!!
  11. Hi all, I have been a regular "spectator" on this site for some time, but just recently joined. I am 58 years old, and have been getting CH's since my early twenties. I am nearing the end of my fall cycle, but can not locate a supplier for oxygen. I live in Orlando FL. I used to get it from a sleep disorder company who has gone out of business. I spent the last two days on the phone and google and it seems the large tanks that I used to get are next to impossible to find. I see my neurologist this Friday, but it is looking like a prescription for o2 will be useless. If there is anyone on here that lives in central Florida I would be REALLY appreciate any info on a supplier. At this point I am going to have to look into the welding o2 (wife has not been keen on the idea)... I did recently start Batch's <(spelling) Mag/cal/d3 regimen on Nov 26 so I am hoping It will help for next bout. This site has helped me get through some tough times, it's how I first found out about the oxygen some years back, and just reading about others helps you mentally, because it seems like NOBODY has a clue about what cluster heads go through. So if anyone does have info on o2 in Orlando area PLEASE drop me a line. PF wishes to all!!!!
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