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  1. Rush


    I do have question about this letter, do you put your name or any other info on it? or just the text only.
  2. Rush

    D3 Experience

    I go this advice from Batch last year when I started getting shadows.. (everyone is different) but it worked for me.. knocked my shadows right out.
  3. Rush


    Thanks for the input Batch, I am writing it at this moment and logged on to see if I could get any pointers.
  4. Rush

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    HOT DAMN!!!... Boy I am glad to hear somebody is able to hit the lottery :).... I used to have a monster tank that was setup in my house like that (oddly enough 15 years ago I didn't have a problem getting it), then my Insurance AND doctor changed because of my employer, then I hit a brick wall. Hallelujah!
  5. Rush

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    The fact that your Doctor "gets it" is definitely a plus.. I have brought in literature and such, and mine has next to no clue what a CH REALLY is.. the only place I had luck with several years ago, was a "sleep deprivation" (spelling?) institute that took my Rx with no problems at all, they went out of business and I have had no luck trying to get the medical o2... thats when I went through these message boards to look into the welding setup which a lot of people use. GOOD LUCK !!!
  6. Rush

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    I went to the Orlando Medical Rentals website, and it looked familiar, but that's all I can remember from 2+ years ago when I had the Rx.. I got so frustrated after a couple months that I gave up to go with the welding setup.. My wife is so irritated that I did not follow through when I decided to go with the welding tank, because my cycle ended and have been pain free for 2+ years. The 125 tank sounds good, I found a place about an hour from here that didn't seem overly interested in what I needed it for so I am going to go that route. Still only having shadows for now, but my last cycle was hitting me HARD 2-4 times every night so I was curious about the tank size. Kinda strange, I have been getting these since my early twenties (I am 61 now).. and they mostly were all during the day, but last 2 cycles were 95% during the night.. odd The neurologist I saw to get the Rx I only saw once, or I would give it one last shot with the Place you found.. to scared to wait now :\ Thanks for info Chris!!
  7. Rush

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    Good luck !! I have given up trying, I had an Rx from my doctor, but could not get anyone in Orlando to fill it.. It would be nice if we could pass a few of our CH's on to these people so they would understand in a BIG WAY
  8. Rush

    Prescription Frustrations - long rant

    I have had no CH cycle since I started the vitamin regimen, been about 2 years :).. now out of the blue I have been getting shadows the last couple of nights and am HELL BENT on getting my welding setup.. 2 years ago I spent countless hours trying to get medical oxygen and it is enough to frustrate ANYBODY! I was looking at the 125 tank, has that worked good for you Chris?.. I am also going to order the non re breather mask, and have to look into the best regulator to use. I don't care about having to haul a heavy tank, I would rather have enough to last longer when I have a bout.. thanks
  9. Rush

    Craziest Place ever had an attack

    Well I know I remember my first one... riding down the road standing in the bed of a roofing truck in 1979, it was not an odd place but boy do I remember it..
  10. Rush

    Stay on D3 regiment?

    I actually started magnesium quite some time ago (pharmacist told me about it)... and it did help.. but either the Calcium or the D3 combined with the magnesium worked much better than the magnesium by itself (I have a feeling it might be the calcium).. RLS can be REALLY annoying, but kinda petty when compared to CH's
  11. Rush

    Question for Melatonin Users

    Just the part about "less" O2 is a major plus in itself (especially after seeing your calculations on the 125cf tank)
  12. Rush

    Question for Melatonin Users

    Yes sir, some of his posts (Batch) I can't even understand .. smart cookie.. I will definitely read that info. I have done it wrong, so I want to try doing it right for a change.
  13. Rush

    Question for Melatonin Users

    I like that idea, I could strap it right to the hand truck.. very good idea.. Once I get this first setup right, I will add a 60 to it.. Thanks guys, I only had a regular mask with holes in it last year.. gonna do it right this time, will take a look at the CH mask. Take Care!!!!
  14. Rush

    Question for Melatonin Users

    WOW... I thought it be a little better than that... the tank I rented last year (now out of business) was at least 4 ft high (or more) but I don't recall the cf of it.. mesquit thickets damn, all up hill I am sure yes, I know the rules about the welding tanks (read enough here to pick that up), I did boiler work for alot of years, so hopefully I got enough knowledge to squeeze by. I am 58 years old, but I will gladly drag it through any thickets.. I have had cycles with and without O2, I don't care how heavy it is lol
  15. Rush

    Stay on D3 regiment?

    When I started the D3/Mag/Calcium last year, my restless leg syndrome has all but vanished while I have been off cycle... I am convinced the D3 regime is what has helped it.. Nothing worse than 3 CH's a night with restless leg syndrome it between arghhhh..