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  1. Verapamil can help some. I was at one point taking a little over 900 mg a day with the slow release. I made the change over to the rapid release and worked my way down to 120 twice a day. You will want to have a doc keep an eye on your heart when changing dose and work up slowly. It will take about a week to get into your system so most will do a pred taper for the first week. When I was on the higher dose it effected the feeling in my feet along with a little swelling. If you are also using the D3 with all co factors you will want to space them apart a few hours, Verap is a calcium channel bl
  2. Sorry you and your sister are dealing with this but you are in a good place for help. I see you have done all the ct, mri type scans to rule out anything else and that is a good start. The oxygen is the number one abort by most for cluster attacks. You will want the cluster mask and a regulator that has a flow rate that will go up to 15 or 20 lpm. you can read all about this. energy drinks or strong coffee are also used to help at the onset of an attack to help slow the ramp up time so you can get to the oxygen. Read up on the vitamine D3 regimen developed by a member on thie that goes by the
  3. Definitely drained and in a fog for about 10 minutes or so and my eye will continue to tear up from time to time. Then I sit and think of what mean thing I have done to someone or something in the past that warranted that hit.
  4. igdc I keep a log book of every cluster I get with how long and what I did to abort each one. It does help me because things change and what is working today may not work for me next week. I can go back and see what I did to get out of a funk the last time. I am chronic so I do not have any cycles that give me any length of pain free days but I do have cycles that ramp up from time to time. Spring time usually beats me up followed by summer when it is hot out around here.
  5. Sign me up! do you want my social security number and mothers maiden or will the name of my first dog due? I am sorry, that is not nice but this does seem a little shady to come out of the gate requesting zoom or other video platforms that are easy to exploit. Poke around and tell us a little about yourself
  6. Here is a link to the Emgality savings card you may be able to use to get it at no cost. I was able to use this along with my insurance and had 0 co pay. I hope it all works out for you, I am Chronic and did not have good luck with it but we are all different and if it has no real side effect why not give it a try. https://www.emgality.com/savings?utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&campaign=10500422360&adgroup=106595784409&ad=382852915174&utm_keyword=kwd-531753709621&utm_id=go_cmp-10500422360_adg-106595784409_ad-382852915174_kwd-53175
  7. EggMan I have tried Emgality. The first time it took my cluster from 90 a month down to about 45, I am thinking that was just coincidence. the following 2 months it had no change on the amount of attacks I had although they did not co back up all that much either. The 4th time I took the shots all hell broke lose again and I gave them up. I am not saying it will not help you, we are all a little different. One thing I will say is make sure the shots are at room temp, they hurt like hell if they are cold, You keep them in the refrigerator for storage so pull them out a few hours befo
  8. Kat if your oxygen is being delivered to you you will want to be good friends with the delivery person. Most likely they do not know how many tanks you are supposed to have so when you place your order for 3 tanks and only leave 2 tanks out for the exchange 9 times out of 10 they will just take the 2 tanks and leave you 3. You can build your stash like this over time so you do not worry about running out over a long holiday weekend or anything. Just stay on top or your refills and build up your stock pile of tanks slowly. you will get the hang of how much O2 you will need per hit and be
  9. If you can get the oxygen script from you doc and find a company to deliver it to you they will most likely not have the mask and regulator you will want to use. Just take what they give you and then go out and get your own supplies. You will want to ask for more then one tank and more then one size. M and M60 tanks are larger tanks that are good to keep at your home and hold a larger amount of O2, E tanks are smaller and good to keep in your can to take to and from work or just a day out on the road. You will want a regulator that has a flow rate up to 25 LPM and a cluster mask that has
  10. Welcome to the party! Kind of sucks that you need to be here but it is a nice place. You will find all sorts of tricks and techniques to fight this cluster battle we are all in. As fat as busting goes you will want to look at the closed sections of the site (Share Your Busting Stories and Theory & Implementation) for members only. That will only be viewable to members of the site and more people will respond to your questions on busting. you should click on the blue banner on the top of this page for New Users. this will give you a overview of the basic information you will find here on bu
  11. You will want to take the D3 a few hours away from your verapamil. I do Veap first thing in the morning when I wake up around 5AM, D3 at about 5PM and Verap again about 930pm.
  12. I have had times when it seems like the oxygen is not helping abort the attack totally and only helping when I am using it. Like CHfather mentioned using the 5hr drinks can sometimes give you that bump to put it over the edge just enough to kill the attack off for a few more hours. I am not sure how long you have been taking the Benadryl but I try to only take it for a week and then stop for at least another week. I feel as if it somehow builds in my system and become less effective, I have no idea if that is true or not. I was on the Verapamil 240ER 3 times a day at one point, changed over to
  13. Depending on what size oxygen tanks you get delivered you will need one of 2 size regulators. I will attach links for the M and M60 and E size tanks. M size tanks are larger and great to keep at the house, E tanks are good to keep in your car for work and travel. The mask makes a huge difference in the treatment so dont give up on it with the small one you will get from the oxygen place you have, Order the one below. This regulator will work on E tanks https://www.amazon.com/EverOne-Oxygen-Regulator-Liters-Connection/dp/B07L9P7V55/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1_sspa?keywords=25plm+oxygen+regul
  14. Spiny, it is funny you say that I have done this so many times and it just clicked when you mentioned that. 5hr drinks can of soda bottle of water. I have had them all pressed against my temple and neck at one time or another.
  15. I like to use the 5rh drinks for the size but any monster, rockstar and strong cold coffee type should help as long as it has caffeine and taurine. the 5hr drink you can down like a shot, the others are larger cans, some can drink half a can and save it for the next hit, I like the one and done approach. Good luck with the doc today
  16. I have added benadryl to the rest of the D3 I take and that helps me in the sprint time with underlying allergies that I do not show any symptoms of having . 3 25mg a day and then at night I will take Melatonin to help with the ones that wake you up. This could maybe help knock one or 2 more hits off your list for the day. I can not remember if you can use the 5hr drinks but I will drink one of them as well for the harder hitting clusters that wake me up, they do not keep me awake at all. Like Jon siad.. get that oxygen, if the doc will not give you the script we have the welding setup w
  17. Something to look into: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02981173?cond=Cluster+Headache&cntry=US&draw=2&rank=6
  18. Another thing that may help when you are out and do not have your O2 is energy drinks like 5hr energy. I have also user Monster and Rockstar type energy drinks. I would see if your oxygen company can get you a smaller E size tank to keep with you in your car. Sounds like your on the ball with everything your have done so far. I would maybe add a journal to logg all your attacks, what you did to abort them and how long and painful they were? You can them look back to see what has helped to end the pain a little better then some other things.
  19. When calling around for oxygen make sure to ask for pricing with and without insurance. I was told it would be over $200 a month for up to 3 deliveries with my insurance. I told them I want to pay out of pocket and it went down to just under $100 a month. You will want more then one tank and even a few different sizes. E tanks are a good size to keep in your car and at work is you can. M60 tanks are about twice that size and are good for home use. a M60 tank is about twice the size of a M60 and is even better for home use but is a little heave to lug up stairs but is worth it is you can manage
  20. As far as I know all you need is the prescription. That could come from either of the 2 doctors, then you can call around to local O2 suppliers and work out the rest with them. I would not get to hung up on the flow rate of the regulators they give you because most likely you will want to buy your own, same goes for the mask. I found it much easier to make the calls to the oxygen providers myself, tell them what I wanted and what I need the doctor to send them and them call the doctor and tell them what to write on the script. It is a pain in the ass and yes you are doing someone else job but
  21. Thats alot of info in just under 24 hours. As you can see you have found the best place to be with a lot of people willing to help as much as they can. I can only add some links to this for you to find the mask and oxygen regulators we all seem to use. Most people will get a E size tank and a M60 size tank, the larger M tank will take the same regulator as the M60. This regulator will work on E tanks https://www.amazon.com/EverOne-Oxygen-Regulator-Liters-Connection/dp/B07L9P7V55/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1_sspa?keywords=25plm+oxygen+regulator&qid=1554376658&s=gateway&amp
  22. I surf the web and bang my head sometimes.. Does that count?
  23. I add benadryl when the pollen in the air gets bad. I do not have any allergies that I know of, no runny nose or itchy eyes. I do get a feeling of a little more pressure in my cluster side and the benadryl kind of clears that out for me resulting in less attacks. I will take it for a few days to a week 3 times a day and then take a week off. I also take melatonin about an hour before I go to bed. This sometimes helps with clusters waking me up although I have had times that I am dreaming I am doing oxygen only to wake up to a killer cluster. We are so lucky to deal with this stuff.
  24. Doctor visit with MRI is a good place to start to rule out anything else. read as much as you can and ask questions. I am sure you will find much help here.
  25. This site was built off the idea of taking the alternative medications. You will want to look at pages in the members only portion of the site for all the information you might need on how, when and why. read up for a few days and ask a lot of questions. I am sure someone here will be more then happy to help you bring your clusters under control. Starting the D3 is a great start. you will want to read up on oxygen to use as an abortive. Energy drinks, ice, drinking cold water with a straw, and hot foot bath are some other things people use to help bring intensity down. You will learn more from
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