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    Quick update: my cycles usually last 4-6 weeks. I had one that started around December 9 (Thankfully, my first cycle in nearly two years.) Between 12/9 and 12/20 I probably had ten headaches. On 12/20, I took the first month dosage of Emgality. After that, I had four more headaches from 12/21 and 12/24. None since then. So, who knows if it was the Emgality that made the cycle shorter? Probably too soon to tell. But, so far so good.
  2. ddove


    My point here is that the headache wasn’t as severe after the Emgality. If I can avoid taking the sumatriptan, I will.
  3. Yes... my cycle started about two weeks ago. I’d never considered it until I read it on here today, but mine have generally been around the summer or winter solstice. Very interesting.
  4. ddove


    I’ve never gotten so many in a cycle that I needed more than the supply of medicine that I have. Usually a couple months’ supply of sumatriptan nasal. This is my first cycle in two years and first with the injectable, which works so well; much faster than the spray. I have read the great stuff about the oxygen... just haven’t gone down that route yet. I’m 42... been getting clusters for nearly twenty years. Usually once a year for a month, but got lucky last year and they never showed up.
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    I started Emgality this weekend. The first opportunity to see if it was any type of solution for me came and I chickened out and went straight for my sumatriptan. Because my supply is dwindling, the next night I decided to be brave. I went to the guest room and just sat there waiting for it to climb. It didn't get much worse than it was when I woke up and it started to come down after twenty minutes - that's about twice as long as it takes for the sumatriptan to make it go away completely. So, not bad. However, about three hours later I woke up with another one, which is so rare for me t
  6. So interesting to read this... I believe mine occur around the solstices. I've been dealing with mine for a couple weeks.
  7. ddove

    Q Collar

    Thank you so much for sending this. I've experienced CH for about for about one month a year since 2002, but have never really done more than using sumatriptan to alleviate the pain. I'm really interested in learning more from everyone's experiences and seeing what works.
  8. ddove

    Q Collar

    Has anyone around here heard of the Q Collar? I wonder if it might help with cluster headaches. I wouldn't be opposed to wearing one while I sleep, which is when most of my headaches are triggered. http://www.espn.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/27367/how-a-200-device-is-providing-hope-in-reducing-brain-injury
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