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  1. big j

    powder vitamin d

    been reading up on vitamin d and that the powdered d doesn't work as well as the oil based. my ch have been well controlled on d but recently I had been lowering my dose and I had switched to powered d pills and I started getting headaches again, cant be sure if the powder was the problem but I wont be using it anymore. just a fyi and no expert but at about the same price I wont risk it
  2. just skip it, its not needed
  3. big j

    New member...new to CH

    there are many treatments on here and many have worked for me, vitamin d, Topamax, Elavil, imitrex injections and o2. the imitrex injections were a god send for me but they create their own problems, if you are seeing a Dr anytime soon I would try to get those as ive heard they work for migraines also but as I said don't use those as the only treatment or on a regular basis. caffeine may be a good way to tell as it usually helps clusters but I hear it makes migraines worse. I would start with melatonin and Benadryl at night and caffeine in the day along with the vitamin d treatment on here. the o2 is going the most recommended but its a bit of a pain to get started and I would hate to recommend going through that trouble if you don't have clusters
  4. big j

    Imitrex in Vials - Huge Improvement

    the last couple time I got an auto-inject I got the 3mg ones, my insurance limited me to 30mg a month so I got 10 instead of 6 for the month. if you want a heavier gage for draw up tractor supply company has them.
  5. big j

    Rocking the boat ?

    in my very unscientific results the increase of test seems to bring them on. I am just getting out of( I hope) a ch cycle but I had started taking an anabolic three weeks ago but I was also off of my vitamin d and early spring has brought cycles on before. the last bad ch cycle I had was almost 2 years ago but it was mid summer (which is not a normal ch cycle time for me) and I had started taking an over the counter test booster and dhea and to make it even harder to tell what caused it, the Topamax I was on started coming from a different lab and my pharmacy wouldn't order from the old company. I have been into working out and have played with anabolics many times over the last 20 years and I give no solid answer though, like many others with this there doesn't always seem to be a rhyme or reason. I will say I can start a ch cycle through heavy cardio and or a low carb diet and it is also the only time the headaches have been bad enough to make me suicidal from the pain. its been a very tight rope to walk as I keep getting fatter and out of shape but pushing myself in the gym and or adding an anabolic(which go hand in hand) can bring on a ch cycle leaving me almost afraid of working out. I have responded well to vitamin d and am hoping it has my ch suppressed and am going to try and keep on the anabolic. if you disagree with my actions I don't need your 2cents but am more than happy to listen to an objective input, I am just trying to share the experiences I've had to maybe help others.
  6. big j

    new to verapimil

    I keep meaning to buy a scuba breather to hook to my o2 tank, I think it should flow plenty and is on demand and then exhale through my nose. I'm sure I'm not the first to try this and maybe I will run into an issue but it seems it should work to me.
  7. big j

    new to verapimil

    I hope I am back in remission and my main problem was letting my vitamin d get low and now it is back up. I have went nuts with the imitrex in the past, I could tell I was building up a tolerance as they would rebound sooner and sooner getting up to 4 a day. luckily I have responded well to medication and D and haven't had to use the imitrex more than a week before the long term treatment kicked in. the imitrex I just used expired in 09 so I almost feel I should use them instead of waste them( growing up poor we never threw anything away). as far as splitting them the next batch I got are 3mg and I also have vials I got 2 years ago and haven't used at all yet. the 3mg worked good because my insurance at the time gave 30mg a month so I got 10 instead of 6.
  8. big j

    new to verapimil

    I may try o2 again but imitrex works so well its my go to for immediate relief and its easy to carry at work. Hope I don't sound dismissive as I love all the help these pages and the people on them provide
  9. big j

    new to verapimil

    I have torches so yes but have not tried it with a full mask set up, my results have been very limited when I have tried. I work construction as an ironworker so keeping it available at work would be very hard but we have torches available depending and I have grabbed a torch and blasted o2 in my mouth while huffing and puffing as fast as I can and it has worked I think. I've tried at home but the ones I get at night are close to raging when they wake me up and by the time I get dressed and into the barn I think its to late for o2
  10. big j

    new to verapimil

    thanks fun times, I should probably delete this post as I think I may give up on the verapamil. I thought it was fast acting and now that I'm ten pages in the forums here the side effects and dosages seem extreme. I'm going to add Benadryl and or melatonin at night and hope the vitamin d has me in full remission soon. I've been "lucky", since I found my biggest triggers (low carb diet and or heavy cardio) they have never gotten to an unbearable or suicidal level and I have responded well to Elavil for a couple years and then Topamax for a few years. the vitamin d has been my only treatment the last couple years, I was worried it was causing other problems and had gotten off but am back on now. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PAGE(and others like it but I cant find the one I use to go to), while mine have been well controlled I still get stressed and depressed every time I get into a cycle
  11. big j

    new to verapimil

    should I take verapamil twice a day? I'm new to it and taking one every morning and ive made it most days of this cycle with only light pain or shadows during the day but I get my usual one an hour after I fall asleep and a second one when I feel back asleep last night( first time for that). I was taking Elavil at night but it didn't seem to do anything and I'm wondering if the verapamil should be taken again at night or if its the heavy caffeine holding em off during the day. I'm trying to get my D levels back up as I had quit it for a while