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  1. I used an expired imitrex injection over the weekend, it was 6mg and it expired in 2012. Not recommending it (or imitrex) but since I did I figured I would let people know that it still seemed to work as it's supposed to, with a strong rebound one the next day as expected
  2. My advice would be to get your vitamin d checked. Mine was slightly low for normal 22 and since I started taking it and brought it up into the 70s I've been almost pain free. It's worked better than the drugs I've found that worked and no side effects. As many on here will tell you everyone is different so it's hard to have a %100 diagnosis. Since your pain and frequency seem low I'd advise to avoid imitrex, it made my situation worse imo. Most on here will tell you to start with o2 but I know it can be a pain to try and use on a job site. If there's torches on site try em, Ive just set u
  3. Kind of? I have torches in my barn and have had some success with blowing o2 in my mouth with the torch head. My ch has been well enough in check that I have barely used an abortive. The imitrex injection expired in 2012. I know I should but most attacks are at work or when I get woke up cause there already going
  4. I had a flare up last week and Wednesday did an imitrex injection about 10pm which was an hour after falling asleep, woke up at 130 with a rebound and chewed up a Benadryl and left it under my tongue while a coffee brewed they drank both down. Headache never got worse and was gone in about a half hour. Didn't fall asleep again but about 430 stated shadowing(?), maybe a little pain so chewed up another Benadryl ( tried leaving under my tongue but felt like it was leaving a chemical burn) and same, never got worse and was gone in a half hour or so. Thursday night when I got my headache I tried
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I did up my d3 to 20,000 a day for a few days ( down to 10,000 now) and added verapamil,elavil, Benadryl, melatonin, more caffeine and finally lsd Friday. Its away and I'll probably go back down to 5,000iu in a couple weeks but going to Cancun next week and hoping to drink so waiting till I'm back at least. Trying to decide if I want to stay on the verapamil, I doubt it's doing much at this point yet. Didn't think the ibuprofen would have anything to do with it but it's an anti-inflammatory and it's one of the few things that had changed in my regim
  6. Really nobody? No one has flare ups with a good d level? Did I lose credibility when I asked about ibuprofen? Just curious if some always up their dose in the winter? If you do have a flare up do you up your d or try and leave it steady and add other stuff on top till it breaks?
  7. I've had my ch under control with d3 for 2 1/2 years now (small hickup last year when I stupidly came off) but just had a flare up this week. I just got laid off last week so I quit taking ibuprofen(daily) and was curious if it being an anti-inflammatory if it helps like the d3 regimen? Or do any of you d3 users ever have to up your does for few days if you have a flare up? I haven't taken the full d3 regimen just a multi and 5000iu daily and my levels were 72 and 74 the two time I had it checked. I've taken a shotgun approach to breaking this cycle and think it's working already but looking f
  8. been reading up on vitamin d and that the powdered d doesn't work as well as the oil based. my ch have been well controlled on d but recently I had been lowering my dose and I had switched to powered d pills and I started getting headaches again, cant be sure if the powder was the problem but I wont be using it anymore. just a fyi and no expert but at about the same price I wont risk it
  9. there are many treatments on here and many have worked for me, vitamin d, Topamax, Elavil, imitrex injections and o2. the imitrex injections were a god send for me but they create their own problems, if you are seeing a Dr anytime soon I would try to get those as ive heard they work for migraines also but as I said don't use those as the only treatment or on a regular basis. caffeine may be a good way to tell as it usually helps clusters but I hear it makes migraines worse. I would start with melatonin and Benadryl at night and caffeine in the day along with the vitamin d treatment on here. th
  10. the last couple time I got an auto-inject I got the 3mg ones, my insurance limited me to 30mg a month so I got 10 instead of 6 for the month. if you want a heavier gage for draw up tractor supply company has them.
  11. in my very unscientific results the increase of test seems to bring them on. I am just getting out of( I hope) a ch cycle but I had started taking an anabolic three weeks ago but I was also off of my vitamin d and early spring has brought cycles on before. the last bad ch cycle I had was almost 2 years ago but it was mid summer (which is not a normal ch cycle time for me) and I had started taking an over the counter test booster and dhea and to make it even harder to tell what caused it, the Topamax I was on started coming from a different lab and my pharmacy wouldn't order from the old compan
  12. I keep meaning to buy a scuba breather to hook to my o2 tank, I think it should flow plenty and is on demand and then exhale through my nose. I'm sure I'm not the first to try this and maybe I will run into an issue but it seems it should work to me.
  13. I hope I am back in remission and my main problem was letting my vitamin d get low and now it is back up. I have went nuts with the imitrex in the past, I could tell I was building up a tolerance as they would rebound sooner and sooner getting up to 4 a day. luckily I have responded well to medication and D and haven't had to use the imitrex more than a week before the long term treatment kicked in. the imitrex I just used expired in 09 so I almost feel I should use them instead of waste them( growing up poor we never threw anything away). as far as splitting them the next batch I got are 3mg
  14. I may try o2 again but imitrex works so well its my go to for immediate relief and its easy to carry at work. Hope I don't sound dismissive as I love all the help these pages and the people on them provide
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