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  1. Pot or no pot I am still chronic. Verapamil has worked for me. Not to say I never get them but it usually because I have not always taking 2 a day.
  2. I started using pot to sleep as well. If it helps you get the sleep you need then do it.
  3. Both are located in the Carotid Artery behind my left eye. The 2 options presented to me were "clipping" and "coiling". Both surgeons suggested coiling. this is done through the groin area with a catheter. Clipping involves removing a portion of the skull, this is usually the go-to after it is burst.
  4. I have been on verapamil for 10 years. It has been a life saver for me. I take 2 240mg doses a day. I just finished 13 months no CH. They have started up again recently and I am going to blame it my slacking. The last 3 weeks I have not been diligent about taking it twice a day so they started coming back.
  5. I have smoked pot for 20 years, before I started with CH. I find no relief and in fact it can cause a CH attack if I smoke a lot.
  6. I am in Toronto. My Neurologist sent me to 1 of the surgeons and my sister has a contact at another hospital who got me in with the 2nd surgeon. I read an article about 2 test patients who experienced cluster headaches that stopped once they had their aneurysm fixed. I was hoping to find someone here with that experience.
  7. Surgery is the only option. I have seen 3 specialists and they do not have a common opinion. My neurologist claims I have 2. I went to a Neurosurgeon who told me there is only 1 and it is 4 mm wide. He wants to monitor it claims it is too small to fix yet. I went to a second neurosurgeon who said I have 1 aneurysm and 1 they are not sure what it is. He agreed the one is 4mm wide and said the golden standard is they only repair them when they reach 7mm. He also said he has repaired more than 100 ruptured aneurysms and 70% are 4mm or smaller. He is recommending surgery. So I'm still in the WTF stage. I just say the last guy earlier this week. It doesn't help that no 2 people have the same opinion.
  8. Hi : I have not been on this site in years. I have been dealing with CH for 15 years. It has recently discovered that I have 2 aneurysms. Both are located behind my left eye in the same area as the CH. I am wondering how many other people with CH also have aneurysms.
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