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  1. Thanks for the input - if something sounds "too good to be true" it probably is. I so appreciate this forum!!!
  2. I just saw a Shark Tank episode for a company called "Boost Oxygen", which sells small canisters of 95% O2 for low cost. They got into the business by selling to skiers (high altitude). Has anyone tried these for CH?
  3. I am identical to Resdan - starts in left sinus, then left eye starts to droop, then pain behind left eye. Current cycle in week 6.
  4. This is my first time with CH diagnosis and I have been in cycle since July 4 (I may have carried this for years, thinking it was sinus headache - but this year has been almost unbearable). Can you experienced folks help me understand what you experience when you come to the end of a cycle? Does the cycle end come suddenly? Are there subtle changes? Can you normally sense when things are winding down? By the way, THANK YOU for all the great information and experience. I am finding some pain relief through this forum, as well as emotional strength through our shared pain!
  5. Darren - I have been in cycle since July 4. I have triggered twice minutes after some longer more strenuous runs. On the flip side, every day for the past week I start to get a hit sometime between the hours of 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. I have learned that running on the treadmill for 12-14 minutes is a great abortive technique - has not failed. To add icing, those are also the nights I sleep all the way through without a hit. If my daily hit does not come during the late afternoon / early evening time frame, the odds are good I'll be up at 1:00 am on the treadmill - it still works, but then there's no sleep for awhile. So exercise can be both a trigger AND and abortive. I have found that reducing the intensity of my normal workout does NOT trigger. You might try just easing back a little bit. You are right though - seems to be no consistency with this thing!
  6. I appreciate your comments! after I posted I went to bed, slept 90 min and back to the treadmill. Breathing fine now, no pain.
  7. I was diagnosed with CH this month. I kept thinking I had sinus problems because of the stuffy nose and pain behind my eye. Looking back over the years, I now realize that I may have been experiencing CH for years, but now, at age 62 it is much worse! They started when I got home from hiking to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro (19300 ft). My neurologist has prescribed low dose of Verapamil and Zomig nasal spray (which I can't take until my MRI has been read). She said getting Oxygen in nearly impossible. As the rest of you, I have found that over-the-counter pain meds have NO impact at all, so I quit taking them. The only thing I have found that stops the CH is 16 minutes running on the treadmill. Even when I wake up at 1:00 am, it works immediately (forget about sleep for awhile). Has anyone else had experience with CH past the age of 60? triggered by high altitude? Relief via vigorous exercise for 15 minutes? What about Verapamil? Zomig?
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