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I think the Nuerontin is starting to work


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Hey busters,

I just read somewhere that neurpathic pain gets worse at night. Maybe that explains why my HA has had that pattern for the last 21 months. Been on 900mg days now and its starting to make me sleeeeeepy. It also seems to be trying to alleviate the nerve pain. I will begin a slow taper off pain meds tomorrow. Hoping for the best. If Mayo is right and I do have shingles without the rash, I guess it erupted 21 months ago and went untreated. Now what I have is post herpetic neuralgia. Nerve damage I guess. I am really not sure. All I know is that the Mayo doc said my trigeminal nerve is firing pain signals. Based on some bad experiences with the staff of my local Neuro, not to mention that fact that it appears he misdiagnosed me when after I practically handed it to him on a silver platter, I am changing doctors. I have found a good one and will be making an appt soon.

Thank you all so much for the support thru all this. It has been a crazy and challenging time in my life and it's still ongoing. But I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Busting helped me. It had some effect on the pain signaling. I cannot explain it but it did help to a degree. No busting for now but I have something put aside for a rainy day  ;)

Bye for now but I will be around.

Love vibes,


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