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O2, useless. Why?

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My advice for O2 is to try everything. I almost gave up on it when I was chronic. Demand valve and mask do not work on my attacks, they do nothing. I need high, max flows I can get (usually 25 litres) and ER mask (which I have modded myself) which most people advice not to use. There's lot of ways to use o2 but I bet it will help everyone with CH as long as everyone keeps on trying and finding the best suitable treatment with it. At hospital (for an example) here in scandinavia you can get 15 lpm from the wall but it's the nose part that cuts it down to 10 lpm (I have not met anyone working at ER who knows this!) - that means if I have an attack and go to ER their o2 won't help me a bit, attack will last 3 hrs. But if I am at home it will be dealt in 10-15 minutes using 25 lpm. I hope you get help !

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