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Hi, not posted in ages... this years cluster was dealt with rizatriptan wafers - 2 per day as needed and i felt awful.. seen the neurologist, got some oxygen which Ill try next cluster...

the reason I post is I was talking to a friend about recreational drugs and he told me about a hallucinogen he and his friends took - its legal at the moment and when i checked it out, it appears to be a triptamine. He described the effects very much the same as my mushroom experiences, but the dosage is tiny in comparison.

http://prismaticresearch.net/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=15 4-HoMet

anyways, I just thought Id share this and see if anyone has ever used this medicinally or recreationally and what their thoughts are on it.



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This looks like a job for Ricardo!  8-) :D

One of the quotes I see on the site:

"This substance is very powerful at low doses and I would compare it too LSD or magic mushrooms. Although it have shorter duration then LSD (about 4-6 hours) and not the dark and logos type voyage that mushrooms can have at higher doses. 15-30mg is a good partydose and 50-60+mg for those hallucinations.

As always, read up on it, respect the set and setting. Dont eyeball the dose."

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