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I think important thing is to have them fresh and when you receive them freeze the ones you are not gonna immediately use.

Do the float test, drop them in a little mug of water (hand warm) wait a while, you may poke the floating ones. Use the ones that sink, and most people do not use the ones that float.

Then grind them into powder in a pepper grinder, if you don't have one you can crush them between 2 spoons. Some folks put them in a cloth and hammer them.

But this powder into a liquid you choose, I simply use water. Some folks discard the casings but I use the whole stuff. Let them soak for a about an hour.

Stirr and enjoy. Or do not enjoy, some think they taste horrible and I let others tip you out how to improve the taste since I take them as they are only with a bit of water.

EDIT: You might want to remove the other thread since this is in the General Board twice

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Nice summary, TO!  Mortar and pestle also good for grinding.  I think we'd recommend roughly 35 float-tested seeds for a first dose.  Some chase them with juice (cranberry, orange) to diminish the taste, some add some lemon or other juice to the soaking liquid.

Freezing unused seeds might help extend their life.  Cool, dark place, well sealed, is apparently just as good.  Shouldn't be kept more than 6 months max seems to be the rule, although some people have had success with ones kept longer.  I'm with you -- fresher the better.

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