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New Member-DBS recipient, chronic survivor


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Hi, did some goggling and an d found this site, I enjoyed reading the main page.

A brief and short synopsis about me 

I am chronic 7+ years. I have had 4 brain surgeries.

I am the 2nd person in Canada and the 17th on the planet to have DBS,

I am disabled, no longer work on Canada Pension.

For the most part I do my best to help others and be proactive.

I have a YouTube account channel called "ClusterHeadSurvivor"

and here is my blog. Please read the entire blog and dont judge one blog. There is many many subjects.

Nice to meet you and god bless

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Wow, just read your blog, your pictures of you at the hospital are confronting.

I read you still get hit but you keep positive and don't regret the 4 surgery's, I hope Jan (my partner) won't need 4 surgery's.

Best of luck and thank you for sharing your story.


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Hey CHS,

There's a lot of very pertinent info to be found on the message board here beyond what you see on the main page.

There are just an awful lot of veteran CH'ers here such as myself who after decades spent with the condition have found *busting* to provide the most effective relief.

I think this Newsweek article on us and busting makes for both an interesting read and a good introduction, plus I see your dog's name is actually Buster ;D:


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