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Smell triggers


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Anybody has trouble with smells?

In the beginning of my CH it was only a few, now 3 yrs later, it is very bad!!! I'm chronic since it started.

The worst one is the smell of my own stool!!  But I do get past most, I wear a bended paperclip on my nose, it helps not to smell!!!

The last new one is my husband's shaving cream! Tomorrow I will go and look for an odourless one!!

Sometimes I feel if somebody can just cut off my smell nerve, it will be better!

None of the tricks on this board have helped much!!


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I also have a few smells that trouble me.  I am chronic and have been for 3 years.  From day 1 the smell of road tar has been an instant trigger.  If I come upon some road construction where they are laying asphalt I literally have to turn around and find an alternate route.  Also, just in the past year, cooking bacon or sausage has really started to get to me.

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A big trigger for me is denatured alcohol, ie. the pink one that everyone uses for cleaning purposes. Smelling even a small sprinkle of that in a bucket of water is enough to summon a Kip 6 almost instantly.

Also some synthetic detergents, Marseille soap, some indian incenses and tar. I feel a very strong sense of discomfort, and then if I dont get promptly away from the source of the odor, I'll get a strike within minutes.

On the other hand tough, I've noticed that some very strong natural flowers perfumes (I mean coming from real flowers), are able to abort smaller strikes (like Kip 3-5 at most), if deeply inhaled.

They don't always work tough.

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For me, it's not any particular smell, but strong smells in general. ESPECIALLY if someone shoves a smell in front of my nose without warning.

I've had migraines from walking in bath & beauty shops, or someone taking a candle, or perform and going 'here, smell this' and it's in my nose before I can prepare myself.

The is true for sudden cold. If someone touches me with a cold thing without warning, watch out!


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