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  1. Yes, I just realized I mismatched codeine with cocaine, but it was just a word mistake. All the other infos are correct. All local anesthetics have their own share of vascular side-effects, and I'm not so sure they would be helpful on the long run for our CHs/Migraines. Yet, as a temporal relief to stop an otherwise unresponsive pain they could be helpful.
  2. Marcaine is a derivative of cocaine and other local anesthetics. So well... it may give you some form of pain relief (note: just pain, not all the other horrible symptoms we suffer), but in the long run it may worsen the symptoms, because of its vascular effects. I won't recommend it, an ice pack is probably better, cheaper and safer than that.
  3. I worked in a pediatric clinic for a while. Children cholics are by far one of the most common illness of toddlers. Most of them aren't even properly diagnosed as they just manifest as "the baby cries a lot more than usual", and after a while they just disappear by themselves. Anyways, no, I didn't suffer from cholics when I was a kid. I manifested my first migraine/headache symptoms when I was 4-6 years old, mostly in the form of an unexplained nausea and vertigo that lasted many hours, sometimes even days.
  4. They keep their potency indefinitely. Mine are crack-dried and they kept their potency up to now (I've dried them in 2012). I swallow them whole, no caps, no powder. Suffering is part of the ritual.
  5. In Italy you can get a prescription only if you are an Italian. A tourist need to get his meds from an hospital, or through a consultory, then get them on a pharmacy,, but more or less it's an "emergency" course. Anyways, in south Italy any pharmacy will probably sell you the drug without even a prescription, but you need to be there phisically. So you need... a trip to Italy, that's it. Sending it through mail is another thing entirely. If anyone of you got relatives in Italy it's quite easy to just pack and send it, but I don't know how severe is your boundary checks for mails are.
  6. I OBVIOUSLY am on the "fierce skepticism" side, but nonetheless any news about potential therapies is still welcome, so thanks!
  7. I had the same experience, even if I am male. I suffer from both CH and migraine: busting seems to have been even more effective for migraine than for CH itself. I usually endure 2-6 migraine attacks monthly, even more frequently when I am "near" to a CH (ie. one month before, and one month after the cycle). With a single full shroom dosing, I can reduce the attacks to 0-1 monthly, for 1-2 months each time.
  8. Sometimes a full week, or even two weeks are good, or even better. You need to experiment yourself, because every CH is different from the other (sadly).
  9. Well, it looks like it's definitely a CH. Yet, you being a female, you may react positively to Indomethacin, as CH correctly suggested. Some theories say that the Paroxysmal hemicrania is a "female" version of the CH, and overall I can tell you by direct ward experience that indomethacin works much better on female patients rather than male ones, so I would give it a try. All in all, Indomethacin is a very safe drug, you can try a 100mg suppository to abort attacks or just reduce it, without significant interactions or side effects with your other prescription. Also, Verapamil + MM is also a quite safe combination, and from anecdotal and personal experience, they both synergize very well to kill out clusters and stop them in their tracks. Don't be scared about MMs anyways, your experience will almost surely be very, very pleasant. Bad Trips are usually a danger for people with psychiatrical issues, if you're mentally healthy I guess my medical advice is to try them. Given your current condition your overall risk/benefit ratio is vastly unbalanced towards the "benefit" side. Keep us informed anyways, fellow CHer, for any other medical/pharmacological doubt, feel free to ask me here in this topic or through private messages.
  10. Hello Echo, I am quite sorry to hear your story, I guess that ending as a totally unresponsive chronic is the nightmare of all CHs around the world. Yet, as CHfather I suspect your headache may not be a CH, so please help us better understand your condition. Can you tell us how many attacks you have during a given day? What's the lenght of a single attack? 10 mins, 1 hour or 12 hours? Do they strike you at night, while sleeping? And do you sleep well or you have insomnia/frequent awakenings? Can you define a pattern, ie all attacks striking at the same hour each day, every day? Do you also have secondary symptoms like vomit, shivering, tachy/bradycardia, nausea, vision loss, darkened areas in your visus (like looking through a window), black spots or small lights?
  11. I know how to IMPORT prescriptions in Italy, I do not know if there are restriction on export, but I suppose there are none, as the drug export from Italy to other states (expecially USA) is quite a profitable business. So well, if you got the prescription, you should find it without much of a fuss I suppose.
  12. You can find it in Italy as Dopergin, with various distinct indications: Parkinson treatment, lactation suppression, female infertility, amenorrhea and acromegaly treatment. It's also quite easy to prescribe, I don't know your laws about drugs, but here is not a restricted drug, provided you've got one of the above indications. Also, I suppose it could be used for other off-label prescriptions without much of a fuss. For example, I take verapamil since I was 17, but there's no indication for CH, but I can get it nonethelss as is a non-restricted drug here.
  13. DrTy2


    It's a bad idea. Rectal absorption is totally erratic and mostly local. Also the time required for the drug to reach the blood is way too long to help us with a cluster attack, wich need prompt treatment. That's why Imitrex is injected instead than taken orally. That's sadly very true. There are around quite a bunch of very promising natural cancer treatments available, but the Big Pharmas keep them from being researched. Because you cannot monopolize a natural resource, like a plant, and they will stop making the HUGE disgusting profits they make by selling chemoterapics. Don't let me start this topic, I do work with these evil beasts every day in my hospital, and it's so unethical I almost hate myself.
  14. I've done some very deep meditation when I was younger (17 and 20 years old), and found that you can reach the "tripping point" if you go really deep. Shrooms and triptamines probably just make all this much easier, but all in all, it's the same road. Still, meditation does not help CH in any ways: it's not the "mind trip" caused by shrooms that helps CH. It's some other chemical molecule that does the job.
  15. I know CGRP antagonists: they were removed from the market after some initial researches that showed much promise, as they caused various forms of fatal/chronical hepatitis and cirrhosis. These drugs are monoclonal antibodies, so they're biological drugs, they may be safe (or not), but as much as the news are insteresting (for migraineurs, not for CHers anyways), keep in mind that: 1- Biological drugs cost 1000-2000€ per vial, so unless you live in a nation where government pays for your cures... well you got to be very very rich. 2- This kind of research may require up to 10 years to be actualized. 3- I don't see a difference of 20% in effectiveness compared to placebo to be significant. We're talking about migraines, having 16 attacks per month instead of 20 doesn't look like this is a "cure".
  16. DrTy2


    Most likely it's just the opposite: CH overstymulates vagal system, causing Horner Syndrome or even syncopes and collapse (I for once, experienced them a couple of times).
  17. That's not uncommon. Many of my cycles started, or even worsened during very tight seasons, expecially when I had a lot of work or a lot of things to study. It is not stress-related, even in very stressful periods CH stay the same: it's more likely related to period with high mental activity, at least for me.
  18. 20 years, or 20 hours ??? Anyways there are quite a lot of other options to try still. Did your husband tried: - Lithium salts - Beta-blockers - Topiramate - Valproate - Depot-form steroids?
  19. I'm a doctor, and this is my professional opinion. Ranitidine is a gastroprotective drug, often used to preserve the stomach from other drugs, such for example steroids (cortisone, prednisone, etc), and/or NSAID (antinflammatory). It's a quite safe drug to use, so there's nothing to be scared of, but still, by itself it does not help for CH, in any way. Periactin = Cyproheptadine, it's a first-generation antihistamine, so I don't know why they prescribed it for CH. Maybe your husband suffers from seasonal allergies? Asthma? Dermatitis? Anyways, I think it's not good for your husband to take it, and I think your doctor should look back at his prescription, because of the subsequent negative drug interaction, wich I encourage you to copy paste it from here and submit to him. Cyproheptadine has secondary antiserotoninergic effects, and while it is sometimes prescribed for children migraine as preventive, it may seriously reduce the effectiveness of the triptanes (in your case Imitrex). CH is no children migraine, and I've never heard any study describing Cyproheptadine as useful, so unless there's another non-described reason for its prescription, I strongly advice against the use of this drug for this condition, for the above reasons. If your husband suffers from allergic rhinitis or other forms of hay fever, he could use more safe and newer drugs such as Cetirizine or Fexofenadine. If you have any other doubts or questions, feel free to send me a pm, or keep posting in this topic, I'll try to look at it daily.
  20. They're just NSAID and painkillers, you can take them safely with the other prescriptions, and they won't do much for your CH (maybe except for hydrocodone wich may help ease up the pain). High dosages of cortisone may, on the long run, cause you depression, but it's a minor side-effect, and at the doses usually taken for CH, you won't even notice it probably.
  21. A big trigger for me is denatured alcohol, ie. the pink one that everyone uses for cleaning purposes. Smelling even a small sprinkle of that in a bucket of water is enough to summon a Kip 6 almost instantly. Also some synthetic detergents, Marseille soap, some indian incenses and tar. I feel a very strong sense of discomfort, and then if I dont get promptly away from the source of the odor, I'll get a strike within minutes. On the other hand tough, I've noticed that some very strong natural flowers perfumes (I mean coming from real flowers), are able to abort smaller strikes (like Kip 3-5 at most), if deeply inhaled. They don't always work tough.
  22. Thanks for sharing. I am personally savagely disgusted by those people who use their medical knowledge for profit and theft, instead of helping their patients. This is clearly a scam, and the worst type also, because it preys on weak people, as we all of us CHs are.
  23. Seems some kind of vasculitis, or blood vessel degeneration. It's not related to CH, and I suggest you to visit your doctor about that ASAP.
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