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New CH Video on my journey

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I made a great friend over the last year. His name is Rami and lives in Sweden. Found me through my blog and such,

He has had 8 brain surgeries himself. Same ones I have had,

we encourage eachother to remain positive and uplift eachother. His english is really good. His computer skills are far superior to mine....he made a video of me for us.

He took some of my videos and photos and made a long 30 min video explaining my journey with CCH, brain surgeries etc. He did this for no reason. CH community is great!

If you have half an hour and curious watch it. But he inserted tidbits throughout and FF would not be reocmmended.

I appreciate it very much what he did for me.

For me vanity went out the window a long time ago.

I hope you like it, please share with anyone that may benefit. I have several videos, some much shorter.

One video with 208,000 views only about a minute long if you prefer to share a short one. Either way, intially my very first video was only made for a handfull of people t show them what I was going through as they did not believe me or understand. Never thought in a million years Id have over 208,000+ views. I have made some incredible friends of fellow survivors and now if it helps one person get educated about the disease of a friend or family member or co worker or if it helps a fellow survivor knowing they are not alone, then it was all worth it to me.

Wishing you all a PFD !

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I don't have time to watch now, but definitely will.  I think it HUGELY important to reach people and educate them on the busting way of snuffing their CH, before going under the knife.  Glad you made the videos. :)


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I have never busted and only will if BOL becomes a script.

For more info why....read my blog.

But I do not judge others who do and support this site.

thanks for the intrest and PFD to u too!

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Thank you for this.  And thank you to your friend Rami.  My insurance company has seen your video and hence had a lot more relevant communication with me since. 

I've shared it with many friends and family.  You are a brave soul and it's much appreciated.

Hugs and pfws,


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