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Life with Cluster, Life on water?


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Hi gang,

So, I must say, I was pretty gutted when I found out clusters would cause one to fail the Pilot's Medical Exam. I miss flying, and had always dreamed to one day fly again. With that no longer an option, and thinking about the sea. More specifically, sailing.

I've always wanted to learn to sail, and the ocean has always had a powerful pull on me. So, next year, I plan on learning to sail. My dream (hey, if you're gonna dream, dream big I always say) is to one day retire with my own sail boat, sailing in warm waters somewhere in the world.

A couple questions are dancing around in my mind. As my clusters are often impacted by climate change, I wonder if this will be more noticeable when I'm at sea, as I imagine changes in climate come faster and are more strongly felt.

Also, does anyone scuba dive? Does the change in pressures trigger clusters? I learned to dive in Honduras many years ago, and is another thing I'd like to do again, if I can.



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Hey Moxie,

Several subjects you touched on in your post I can definitely relate to.

I was also a pilot.  Got licensed in 1974 when I was 19.  Flew for many years recreationally (Cessna 172) until finally giving it up in the mid-1990's because it was just getting too expensive.

That was just before getting a job with the largest "Flight Information" provider in the world.  I've worked for Jeppesen as an aviation meteorologist for 18 yrs now.

I also was sad that I never could fly again, but I still go for an occasional ride.  Lots of my co-workers are instructors.

Changes in the weather happen at about the same speed they do on land, it just matters where you live.  The atmospheric friction caused by mountains and rough terrain definitely slow down the winds and weather.  Over open ocean the fronts just move right along at fair speeds.

Thinking about traveling the open oceans ..... this lady is my true inspiration as she has now completed three ocean crossings by solo rowing.  Her books are amazing and it was fun following her online blogs while she was at sea.


I also was scuba certified back in college days.  Haven't done that in quite awhile, and can't even imagine what a horrific experience getting CH at depth could be like.  Although, for most of us "pressure sensitive to CH people" it's the DECREASE that triggers a HA.  Hey, maybe you could carry an extra tank of pure O2 and just switch regulators to abort any type of Beasty harrassment.  Just kidding.

Have fun and do it all !!!!!


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Thanks for the link, I shall read up on Roz, she sounds amazing! I love amazing, inspirational people.

I soloed when I was 15 or 16, would have been 1980(ish). Then got a girlfriend and my flying funds were diverted. :/  But my second year at Uni I went to a university in Arkansas that taught flying, and got my license. After that year, I promptly ran out of money (the story of my life until recently). I took it up once again many years later, but didn't really have the funds to keep with it. As you say, it has gotten expensive.

I was hoping to one day learn to glide, or even get a power-shute or ultralight configuration. Anything to get in the air. But I have a feeling all that is a no go. Although... I haven't specifically checked the regulations in the UK....

At any rate, flying always represented freedom to me. Freedom to travel anywhere, to travel the world, no roads required. And, sailing has that same feel of adventure and freedom. I think, really, my biggest drawback is that I don't like fish. LOL

Thankfully, my clusters are short enough that 99% of the time I'd be fine if I got hit underwater. They usually only last a few minutes, and I am generally able to stay composed and in control. I might suck down a bit more oxygen than normal, but otherwise I should be fine. Interesting about the negative pressure thing, I wonder if extra care should be applied when surfacing.

I'm now at a point in my life where I have the funds to do things I've always wanted to. I also have a project or two in the works that should help with my future financial situation. I've been a hard worker since about the age of 10 (grew up on a farm in Iowa, was in the US Air Force, now have my own business). Retiring on a yacht in sunny climes.... can't think of a better plan.


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