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You'll probably find your migraines are drasticly reduced with busting anyhow. And don't forget you can use a "SPUT" to abort a migraine just like you can a cluster. Just take 50-100mg of shrooomies, chew it up and hold it under your tongue for 15-30 minutes, works for me!  :D

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You're gonna have to clean up before busting.

For me, this does not prove to be true.  If I have taken opiates daily for around a week they seem to sometimes prevent a bust, but I've had a number of times where I took opiates for a root canal or other tooth trouble and had completely successful busts. 

Why do you suggest quitting opiates before busting? I don't know much about CH but I do know a fair bit about tryptamines and I can't imagine that Percocet (which acts on kappa and mu-opioid receptors) would inhibit 5-HT receptor agonism. The two neurological systems are entirely separate.


Suggestion, get rid of the pain killers. It's proven that they actually cause headaches. 1st thing my nuro asked me is if I was taking pain meds. I can't find the link but there is a ton of research now linking pain meds to Migraine and headache issues. Besides they don't work for CH anyway.

It's proven that they CAN cause rebound headaches, not that they just in general cause headaches.  Important distinction.  There are many migrainers who only take opiates for their occasional migraines and do not end up with rebound headaches.  I have definitely had rebound headaches from opiates, for me they always seemed to surface as heavy heavy tension headaches, not clusters (again, that's just me)

For CH opiates suck.  I'm not convinced that is the case for migraines though, unless you are having them pretty often.  (3 times a week might be too often though.) 

The real question is how you feel after 3 days of opiates.  On the 4th day do you always have a kicker of a headache?  That would point to rebounds.  If on the 4th day this is not regularly happening I would suspect that it's not rebounds.  (rebounds also will always respond to more opiates, if your CH is not responding to opiates my guess is that it has nothing to do with rebound headaches) 


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Hi Sabrinak

Can I bust while taking pain killers such as Percocet and Vicoden which have Codeine?  If now how long do I have to be off of them?  Can I take them the day after busting if my head is killing me?  

I live in the UK and can get Codeine over the counter for my migraines in a product called Migraleve. Not sure I've ever busted within 5 days of taking it though. Might have, but presumed it wouldn't affect the bust. Might be wrong.

Before busting, I was having 40+ migraines a year. The year following busting, I had 3. I now average between 3-6 a year.


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