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Ok its the first part of the year. I quit smoking for over 6 weeks and its time to take some of this weight off.

Just curious do you workout at a club, or home, or ??

If you attend a club, "how do you handle attacks" while out on the floor/shower locker room etc. Do you happen to carry M6/reg in gym or tote, put it in your locker, its just a thought.

Years back I increased my heart rate when I experienced the beast setting in. Was very uncomfortable taking myself up the Kip just to break the attack, scarey being in public anything above 8. People want to call 911 for yea.... Its hard to explain what your suffering from at the moment your rounding the attack.

Blessings & PF all....

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I get attacks witin minutes of working out. Now if I do go....treadmill only. Since my operations I have gained a hundo. Also the fact I sprained my left ankle and broke my right hand unable to do anything but hop for 5 months so I sat on the couch, quitting smoking snacking no excercise and voila the weight.....:( and all the fat jokes started.


Id love nothing more than to go on a reg basis but getting attacks at the YMCA is not only humilating, embarrassing and painful.If I got an attack id go to my car

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I've just signed up for a gym membership, today will be my first day to go and work out.

I'm quite nervous about this, not because of my clusters, but because I have so many daily chronic headaches and migraines (and clusters) the last 3 times I've joined a gym I had to cancel my membership because the frequent headaches prevented me from going often enough.

But, my headaches are largely under control now, so fingers crossed.

I find working out at a gym is much better for me. I have some equipment at home, but it's easy to get bored and quit after 15 minutes. When I go to the gym, I have gone there for that purpose, set aside the time and am working out around other people working out. Peer pressure works a treat. Gyms are the best way for me to slim.

But, physical activity can trigger a headache, so I have to be careful.

What if you bought one of the homemade business card kits, and printed up some business cards that say something like,

"I'm OK! I'm having a rare, rapid onset headache called a cluster headache. Although very painful, there is nothing you can do apart from maybe re-fill my water bottle with cold water. That would be very appreciated actually. It will pass in a few minutes."

Laminate the cards and put one in your gym bag or pocket when you go to work out.

The comment about the water bottle has 2 purposes. One, I find I cannot guzzle enough cold water after an attack, and two, it gets them out of your face for a few moments.

Or..... tattoo the message on your arm.  LOL  Maybe not.


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CH survivor you are right on track. I didn't make it out of the locker room without getting wacked today. I carried a M6/reg  in my bag just in case.... Well it became a case. Was a light hit (3-4 kip) so took quick few hyperhits off the bottle to settle down & took your advice & headed to the treadmill. About 20min. all was well to continue on my workout.

Mox your idea is excellent about the cards. Heck I've been sitting in my vehicle tapping a tank & had some kind person ask if I need help, the card would work for it.

Will be sucking down large quantity of water during workout from now on, that part I lacked doing today.

Mox your an inspiration, never stop, never say we can't.

I'm tired of feeling like crap & believe doing nothing or the same old thing will be, business as usual.

CHS said it write, small steps, and build up. If I'm getting beat up take smaller steps, change the time of day for working out....what ever it takes.

Mox you are in my Prayers through this, as with all CH suffers.

Please keep us up on your progress, as I will too

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Its all about taking small steps...

If laying flat is a big trigger maybe standing between a small doorway opening, with feet together, and placing your hands shoulder height on the casing doing a push back. It might not feel like much at first but increase the reps & and with progress you can begin setting your feet farther back on each set. Slow the rep down to apply tension on the muscle.

Lasting change begins with committing your  body to yourself and God.

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I went to the gym today with my best friend. I had had a minor cluster not long before we were due to leave, which left me with a lingering headache.

But, we went anyway.

And you know, it was one of my best work outs in AGES! The head didn't hurt while I was working out, which was fantastic. And working out with a buddy helped a lot as we encouraged each other.

We are both seriously stoked now!


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