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I'm looking to try busting again, it's been a couple years since I've been able to get my hands on mushrooms and the RC seeds never worked for me but I have had success with mushrooms.  I have 2 days left on my prednisone taper (which did nothing) and my doctor has me on 1500mg of depakote which is a huge waste of time. How long so I need to cleanse myself of these before trying to bust? Is a cleanse mandatory? I know I have to finish the prednisone and I don't think it would be smart to just abruptly stop the depakote, but how long do I need to be free of these?

Also, what is the recommended dose? I'm fine with hallucinating, actually it's the fun part of it. Is taking too much bad or are you supposed to keep it to a low dose??

Any information on the actual busting process would be helpful, thank you.

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1- do not stop cortisones abruptly, ever. Do not do that for any reason whatsoever. Reduce them slowly as prescribed, and keep in mind that they will stay in your body for days, weeks, sometimes even months, expecially if you're using a sustained release form.

2- In my experience, a heavier initial dose of mushrooms works better than a small one. The stronger you hit it, the better.

3- Many people report that cortisone inhibits Mushrooms effectiveness, but I've never experienced it so I can't tell. Just keep in mind that the "5 days"  rule is probably not enough with cortisone, I would say that at least 2 weeks is the minimum time required. Yet, you can still try to get some benefits, even if you can't bust it completely.

4- There is no "fixed" dose: YMMV. It depends on mushroom quality, strain, sub-specie etc. Usually an hallucinogenic dose is not required, but at least for me, I do vastly prefer to do a full trip to kick the beast in the ass.

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You should wait for other "more experienced" users answer, as I've heard that cortisone may increase the hallucinogenic effect of mushrooms, and may cause a "bad trip", as it has an intrinsecally depressive effect on your mood.

Other than that, and the fact that busting could be simply ineffective (steroids are listed among the "Sure Blockers"), there are no specific clinical counter-indications on mixing cortisone and shrooms.

Waiting at least 5 days, and taking a slightly lower dose, is still recommended tough.

Btw: depakote is sodium valproate, it's not a steroid, but it will require days to be fully detoxed. I have zero faith on valproate's effectiveness on CH tough, so my advice is just to detox from steroids, and never start Depakote at all (unless you have another pathology, like epilepsy, going on that requires it).

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