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Effective Nerve Block


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So most of you know everything i have done over the last 4 years including busting has been unsuccessful for the most part. I have finally got a break.

I received nerve blocks all over my face, non steroidal. Besides a numb lip and face for a day, and a massive hematoma on the inside of my lip, my head doesnt hurt. I have had one bad break through attack a few hours after the injections, and the attacks are getting less and less each time they come.

The nerve blocks are focused on the Trigeminal branches and the occipital nerve.

Here is where i was injected and the procedure used.


This procedure, does not hurt, as much as it looks painful it is not.

This procedure has the possibility of being effective for up to 1 to 12 weeks, Everyone is different of course. This also can be used by pregnant women, so as far as side effects, they are next to none. It can also be done as many times as you wish.

It may not totally stop the attacks but it has great possibility of reducing the pain. This was done within 2 minutes in my doc's office.

Its only been 24 hours but my pain and attacks has been cut dramatically. So for those that cant catch a break, and nothing works, try it. The only thing u have to lose is your pain.

AO / 1i


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