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Charlin Syndrome vs Cluster Headache

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well now .. isn't this just interesting .. maybe why something works for some .. but not for others ..

Chapter 12 – Nasociliary Nerve Block

Indications and Clinical Considerations

Nasociliary nerve block is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of Charlin syndrome, which is also known as nasociliary neuralgia.Although as with most headache syndromes the exact cause of the pain of Charlin syndrome is unknown, the pathogenesis of this uncommon source of head and face pain is thought to be dysfunction of the nasociliary ganglion in a manner analogous to the dysfunction of the sphenopalatine ganglion that is thought to be the source of cluster headache. The presenting symptom of patients with Charlin syndrome is severe paroxysms of ocular or retro-orbital pain that radiates into the ipsilateral forehead, nose, and maxillary region. This pain is associated with voluminous ipsilateral rhinorrhea and congestion of the nasal mucosa as well as significant inflammation of the affected eye. The pain of Charlin syndrome has a rapid onset to peak, with attacks lasting 45 to 60 minutes. In some patients Â…

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This is useful, didg -- thanks.

Here's some additional information, including a chart on the second page, comparing CH (first column) to Charlin's Syndrome. Unfortunately, the whole chart can't be seen.


It's clearly not impossible that given all the sloppy diagnosing going on out there, some people think they have CH when they have Charlin's.  I guess the "nasociliary block" test would help determine it, as well as a well-read MRI.

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