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Eli Lilly doing study on CH

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did anyone else get this email today ????

Chicago, March 2nd, 2015 - As some of you may know from our conference last year,

Clusterbusters has been in close dialogue with Eli Lilly and Company regarding the

following release. Among our priorities, has been to provide them with what we felt

was important input from the patient community. We are very pleased to be involved

in this and will be providing additional information to our membership as it becomes


Eli Lilly and Company has informed Clusterbusters that the company plans to start

a research program for episodic and chronic cluster headache. Lilly is excited to

start this program and work with Clusterbusters to actively help enroll patients.

The company will provide more information, including the locations of participating

study sites, to Clusterbusters and on the web at www.clinicaltrials.gov

(expected in late March). Lilly expects the program to begin actively enrolling

in late April.  At this time, please do not make any changes to your current medical

treatment or otherwise to try to qualify for this study.

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Site locations including any additional countries that will have study sites will hopefully be announced later this month.

You'll hear it here first.

Thanks go out to everyone that has contributed and supported Clusterbusters.


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The CIA went to Lilly for their LSD in the late 50s when they were working on MKUltra. Originally they bought from Sandoz but they wanted an American company to make it and it was Lilly so maybe they will look back into some of their past work!

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