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  1. The CIA went to Lilly for their LSD in the late 50s when they were working on MKUltra. Originally they bought from Sandoz but they wanted an American company to make it and it was Lilly so maybe they will look back into some of their past work!
  2. I am going to try the "4 ACO MET" soon. I'll let you know. IT may take me a while because I will be starting out at a micro dose. It sounds like something I can do, I just hope it works!
  3. Absolutely! There were MANY studies in the 60s that were showing great results until the knee jerk laws motivated by fear and ignorance made it completely illegal, even for medical studies. Thankfully some new research is being allowed. It had a near 50% success rate at treating alcoholism, which is WAY better than most methods... and it has no known physical side effects. Most people who "freak out" quickly get over it. They ran into some problems because they were testing it on people who already had mental problems. It is a true wonder drug. In the 60s Al Hubbard even had some Canadian Churches using it. That, IMO, is one of the only problems with it. Some people use it to push some spirituality, usually some Buddhist belief system, it is just a drug, a tool. A safe and effective tool but some people have an agenda.
  4. It is basically the same thing (almost) as ALD-52 which was sold in the late 60s and early 70s as Orange Sunshine. I'm pretty sure it changes in vitro into Lucy. It should work. It is completely legal in the UK but the analog act 'might' kick in in the USA, then again it might not.
  5. ixnax


    I wish I could get spores. I live in one of the two states where I can buy a grow kit but not prints or a syringe. I may get a friend in another state to help. Good luck to you. No one has any idea what it is like to have a headache every day, except for those who have experienced it. I would not have known about this had it not been for an episode of Drugs Inc on Nat Geo one day. I finally would up here. I hope you get relief soon. JB
  6. There is a new analog that is completely legal in the UK called 1P-LSD. It is sold in 100[ch956]g blotters at about 10 pounds each. I don't know how it would work for CHs and am afraid to try. I found someone who will sell and send it to the USA. I would try 1/3 hit to try and bust the cycle if I were not afraid to try to get it. You can Google it, it seems very new but also very good. It is very similar to ALD-52, it just has a different group on the hydrogen of the indole group. I hope this is OK to post... I am new and learning the ropes here. If this is not OK, please tell me and I'll delete. JB
  7. An old friend, long ago and far away once said, "I don't use drugs... I abuse them". That was 1970. Those were different times for sure. That came to mind because I was thinking, "what I once abused, I now use".. (or would if I could). I have suffered from common migraines, classic migraines, tension headaches, and recently I discovered that I have suffered from cluster headaches that were misdiagnosed. A few years ago I was going to the doctor because I had a headache every day for over two years. Recently I was reading and I came across "cluster headaches". I read the symptoms and thought, "Dang... that is exactly what I have". Pain behind my right eye, my right temple (the blood vessels seem to get harder and pop out, then (I think in response to the pain) I tend to draw up a bit and the muscle at the base of my skull/top of my neck on the right side gets involved too and sometimes reaches down to my right shoulder blade. I think this caused me to be misdiagnosed with tension headaches but they are always only on the right side, so... maybe I should have been a doctor. LOL. I have also been on several opiates over the last decade due to spine problems and just so you know, I have never run out of my meds, I always have some left over. Pill counting is something I never want to have to do. I know I am dependent but I try to not be addicted. So, I was having these headaches every day. I was taking fioricet to try and fight them and they helped a little but not when the headaches really get bad. My pharmacist suggested (everyone has their idea of my health based on their experience) that I was having rebound headaches, that was BS. My wife had some Xanax for a stress problem, she is a CPA in private practice and had our daughter working for her. I tried the Xanax, with my doctor's permission and they seemed to help the afternoon headaches more than anything. I asked him for a scrip. He suggested that I should take Klonopin because "they have a bit of a muscle relaxing effect". They do not do the job but they help me sleep and they do seem to help me to not get so many headaches, until lately. Now I am back in a cycle of daily headaches, the Xanax is the only thing I have that helps relieve the pain but they only help a little. So, I am taking meds I do not need, I have gotten off some meds (statins) and feel a bit better but frankly, I am getting desperate to find something to stop these daily headaches. As I'm sure you WELL know, people who do not have chronic pain are completely unsympathetic and consider you a drug abuser. The government allows meds that kill your liver and kidneys in their effort to protect drug abusers at the expense of people with legitimate needs. Doing that, they push honest people into activity that "they" deem to be wrong. IDK... I guess I needed to vent, I apologize but it disgusts me for my government to care more about protecting people they can not change... at my expense. I am 63 years old, have owned a business since 1989 but pain has brought me to the place where I can no longer do much work. Thankfully I have honest employees. I am here to hopefully find a substance that will help me. In 1970 I would take pretty much anything and experienced some amazing things such as curing a cold TWICE with acid. I would be sick, stuffed up, etc. Drop.. the next day mucus would have a slight burned smell, next day it would be GONE. These substances need to be studied more. I am convinced that tryptamines are God's gift to man and I am a Christian. I have noticed an availability of "so called" RCs from here and there. Many seem to be related to mushroom chemicals but there are so many, I don't know which ones might work well without putting too much stress on my body, heart in particular. I have read of several where people claimed to not even get an elevated heart rate but some of the vasoconstriction effects trouble me. I do have Cialis, Plavix, and 99% cacao that are all vasodialators, I think. I'm not really worried about that because if I find something that work I will be taking doses as low as possible. I am glad to be here, happy to meet you. Besides being a husband, father, grand father, and businessman I am a blues guitarist and do some recording. I no longer "play out" but for my own enjoyment. I will be retiring soon and I am ready to do anything to get some quality of life back. I really hope I have not violated the TOS in my first post, LOL. I will be reading and offering comments if I feel I can contribute. I'm sure I will have some questions. I don't want to get in trouble while trying to get help but I have never done anything like this and don't know where to go, who is good or bad or what questions I can ask or how to ask them.. so reading I will be,. Again, nice to meet you. I go by ixnax or JB. Thanks, J
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