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Vitamin regiment

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I'm been doing vit reg. for 2-3weeks or more  .I 'm been taking vitD daily and Omega-3.

I started with complete vitamin regiment and my attacks frequency decreses to 2-3 attacks a week from 10-12 a week.,

The days where i left out Mg  and b50 I didnt have shadows or an attack.

When I take full vitD regiment I would have shadows and some times attack the very same day.

What is weird that the attack would start 10-15min after taking MG and b50.


Q: Is it just weird coincidence or there maybe a reason why Mg and possible B50 would cause an attack?


Also I stopped using any pain meds and oxygen . O2 only as a last resort.

I'm very sure that migraine meds and OTC meds give me rebound headaches.


I have also a  suspicion that O2 increases my frequency of attacks.It will abort it each and every  time,but It almost looks like your body has to go through this attack for whatever messed-up biological reason and the prevention with meds and oxygen just delays it.  


My first line of stopping the attack is  E-drinks and intense exercise .Push-ups and pull-ups  for about 20-40min  at the first sign of shadow or an attack, with max of 1min of rests between series until I almost puke and can't even do 5 in a row.I can handle 2-3 of those extreme exercise routines a day, but not 2 -3 days in a row ,when my muscles and joints hurt like hell.  This has been my way to stop the  attack for about 7 years before i knew about oxygen and my frequency wasn't that bad . It's just frustrating now ,doing 500-800 push up at 1am right after falling asleep,  then 300 at 5am a then 6am going to work  in construction can 't continue for too long. 



I'm not sure what to do , continue with complete  vit regiment or leave out mg and b50  , then O2 use is convenient but I'm worried about rebounds . With exercise at the first sign of an attack I would have max 2-3 attacks  a day but not every day . Right now  I continue with vit regiment but no mg and b50 and i'm realtivly headache free.

Today and yesterday i took also mg and b50 and i had attacks which were  aborted with exercise. 

Any suggestion ? Thank you for any help and opinions. 


Also melatonin helps me alot , thanks for that advice. At higher doses.








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Hey John,


I should have jumped on your post a couple days ago.  Off hand, I'd say you're off to a good start with the anti-inflammatory regimen with respect to your response so far.  A reduction in the frequency, intensity and duration of CH is always a welcome.


As far as what to do next, I'd start by adding just the magnesium.  There are good reasons for doing this.  For starers, 95% of CHers with active bouts of CH had a 25(OH)D serum concentration of ≤ 40 ng/mL before starting the anti-inflammatory regimen...  In short they're vitamin D3 deficient...  The odds are equally high they're also magnesium deficient.  The two deficiencies go hand-in-hand. 


The second reason magnesium is such an important part of this regimen is the process of hydroxylating (metabolizing) vitamin D3 to 25(OH)D3, the first vitamin D3 metabolite, consumes magnesium at a high rate. 


Taking ≥10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 without taking magnesium supplements will lead to a magnesium deficiency...  When that happens, the magnesium-calcium ratio tanks and this will result in cramps, usually feet, legs and hands at first...  While that may seem annoying and easily dismissed, when it happens to your heart and you feel a galloping sensation in your chest...  It gets your attention big time.


All the supplements in the anti-inflammatory regimen play an important role in preventing your CH and staying healthy.  It's not a pick list. While you may be able to skip one or two of these supplements for a few weeks without any problems, unless you're obtaining them from dietary sources, you'll face trouble down the road.


When you do encounter problems with this regimen, use the process of elimination to determine which of the supplements is causing the problem then look for alternatives... a different brand, a lower dose, splitting the dose am/pm or adding a dietary source.  


The bottom line...  This regimen is not like a prescription antibiotic you take for a few days as directed then quit.  If you want to remain CH free... and stay healthy in the process...  stay on this regimen year round.  Look at this regimen as a way of life (a long and healthy life) like many of us who take it do.  'Hope this helps.


Take care and please keep us posted.


V/R, Batch

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