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Help needed in 2017

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A happy new Year to clusterbusters members and Lets hope that 2017 will be a magnificent and symptom free year for all of us.

In 2016 we have started to build our App, RegisterYourJourney. I have started this app out of personal need to get more view on my symptoms, medicine use and all I do to feel better. This View will bring me hopefully knowledge to find a way to have less  problems with my symptoms; my cluster headaches. At the end of 2016 we have uploaded the first version of RegisterYourJourney, so other can also use it and register their journey.

Now in 2017 I need your help

I hope to get funding to go on with the App. There are still a lot of things that can be better and we have even more options waiting for us to be build, but to do that I need help. I need as many users possible giving their review about the App and the idea behind it and some screenshots showing your registrations. I hope to combine these data with my list of Specialists that have given their review and the technique that is necessary to set this system up. 

Hopefully with this we can upscale the idea in 2017 and make it available for even more people.

Please give your review: Send an email to info@registerYourJourney.com.  (You don't need to write an essay, a few lines with your most important points and a printscreen of your data would be more that enough.)

Thank you very much for Your time and energy




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I've downloaded your app and for sure appreciate your work and effort investing into this. I see you realizing a really nice app and help is appreciated at any means.


Beside a lot off other things in IT I've done some app's in the past using a small team of 5.

A few 100k downloads/year we've done. But I tell you honestly:

The steaks are difficult to get...


I even earn a few bugs out of this work in these days, but never ever all the even already  remarkable download pay any meaningful bill or food or what ever.


At the end of the day it may become very frustrating ...

So what I would like to tell is: be prepared it may become difficult generating any meaningful downloads and it is difficult asking money from the users. REALLY..


It was always like that 30 years ago...

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Thanks URS for your feedback.

I understand your point but I don't do it for the money, I do it for myself and other people with chronic disease. Off course it would be nice to get an income out of it but I will always keep the app for free because I think Patients already have enough problems, using my app and paying for it should not be one of them.



Don't know how to do it, but a lot of people do voluntary work to help others in a group. I don't see it different with my product.

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Any extra review of my app/work would be really appreciated.


I go to the Netherlands at the end of the month to the Dutch eHealth week and I'm making a presentation hoping to get info, contacts and hopefully some grants to go on with my project.


But I need user feedback and some from specialists.


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