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  1. bearcat2011, welcome to the club Like CHFather already said, first you/we have to check your basic fight with the beast in order to give some release to your pain. Following CHFathers tips & suggestions should kick you out of the most severe situations. Important also do you have any help from a Neuro or other medical staff? If so what did they do for you? One important point I always recommend is: Read and read again as much as you can from this side as you will get valuable information not jet know to you. As you already are on the D3 regime you may already have done a lot of
  2. bye bye snake oil bullshit. I'm so happy seeing this unit failing badly and people realizing it fully.
  3. Well this so called Jesus Shot seems to be a sharp knife for some really desparate cases even not necessarly for cluster heads. I guess just from reading here not aplicable for 08/15 cluster heads.
  4. Dude, if you are so dam successful,what are you foling around here?
  5. I've seen so many doctors... 20% good ones and just forget the rest. It is frustrating but fact for general doctors.
  6. jaja, I have some experience with amitriptyline and naramig resulting in SS. SS wasn't funny at all I couldn't use my arms, muscles just dead. Or waking up in the morning in the middle of the living floor (I didn't made it to the bed the night before but there is no memory of what happen...) having gone to a doctor about this, this Ass told me YOU ARE NOT SICK you know? Do you know most people coming into my office really do not need any kind of meds... Stoping the one or the other med did immediately (one day or so) stop the SS syndrome but yes, this condition gave me fear. Seriously wat
  7. I can confirm the tendency of latin countries having a lot more meds available OTC then the so called 'first world countries'. I guess because of lack of doctors in remote areas, it would/is more important to get certain medicaments which normally are unter strict control of a doctor in order to prevent disasters in the first moment until people can get a grip on a doctor which sometimes can be a big hassle or even serious problem. As an example in brazil I can buy Naratriptan (Naramig) and Sumatriptan where the first is cheap(around 2usd per pill) the Sumatriptan(85mg&500mgNaproxen a
  8. Rsrsrs, the reaction of your friends are just normal. And yes finally nice you having people around who do care about you even the can't really get to the bottom of reality as they are not the one suffering hence unable to feel the true bone of CH
  9. Sevral neurostimulator are on the market. In first place for migraene. Gammacore claims to lower CH frequency by 50% or so and should even be able to abort an attack. Gammacore original from europe 2011/12 turned out to be just USLESS for us. All positive threads do end after just 2-3 entries. People saying the unit may be successfull for the very first days just do turn rapid a usless junk! In all forums I've checked so far one can't find not one CH using this unit on a continuing base. Often called bullshit be whom tested... None of those units do any good to us. imagen g
  10. KenH It seems you are european too and asking yourselfe why their health system can't deal apropriately with cluster. In my experience there is a huge mental difference between europeans and americans. Where europeans are not much willing thinking and acting out of the main stream which defenately is essential in order to figth the beast. Americans seem to be quite different in mentality by really testing, challeging and questioning facts on the table. So lets say much more independent where the others just follow the herd without questiong much why. Just belifing in godfat
  11. I'm sorry for my outburst and I did not want to offend anybody padre. I was telling it in a general manner out to the people out there. The whole setup of cammacore is just done to work nicely. Developed for migraine ... Guess what it really is? It can't be sophisticated at all or it would need restricted permission to be sold, bought or used. The gammacore does not have any government based certificate this unit being useful to do whatever it claims to be able to do. The onliest thing one can be sure of is the fact this unit won't harm you when used as described in the manu
  12. Well... Short cirquit 3 AAA batteries, hold it a sec to your neck and you are done! Wy the hell nobody realizeses this huge scam, damm... WACKE UP GUYS, DON'T BE SO DAM STUPID!!!
  13. I guess also because of the concentrates we see this coming up
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