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Hi everybody,

Finally, after 3 years talking about it and building an app in the last year to see if my idea worked and if my fellow patients could use it, I'm finally to the last stage now and I've called it:

nobisA platform to connect patients, specialists and research using real time data collected by us patients.

You can find my project on https://nobism.com and I hope you will all JOIN my project so we can start building it as well.

The idea is simple. Lets work together as patients collecting REAL TIME data and share it with specialists, research or each other. We all try different things and we all have our experiences and talk about it. But that's talking a long time to get change accepted. So if we collect data, the world should start to listen faster than they do now.

So please join nobism. You will get nothing off it at the moment, no app, no platform and no spam. The only thing you do by joining is tell me that you like my project and that I should go on.

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FYI, this board uses a variation of HTML, that uses [ ]  instead of < >.  If you change your code to [b ]nobis[/b ] it should work better. (minus the spaces)

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Hi. Thanks Archimedes. I'm on 45 signups right now but I need 250 at least. So anybody more that want to join?

And if anybody has questions, please let me know. Also about data security, because I know most people have questions about that.

@MoxieGirl. I've looked if I could change it but didn't see the option


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