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Pre-workout as an abortive


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I've been off verapamil and sumatriptan for 4 days now, getting ready to try the tryptamine busting method, and just wanted to share something thats been a big help in reducing the severity of my attacks this week.

I read that energy drinks and caffeine helps some users, so at the onset of an attack I tried a scoop of my pre-workout supplement, which contains 155mg caffein (among other common ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine) and it worked wonders. in about 15 minutes the pain went from an 8 to a 3..

The best part, is there is no sugar and it costs less than a $1.00 per serving, rather than $3 for the 5 hour energy shots and I'm not sure what a can of monster or redbull costs these days..

The stuff i use is called The Curse, cheap and tastes great and the ingredient list is pretty straight forward.



Worth a try if you find caffeine helps you out!


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The Curse pre-workout doesn't contain taurine, but a quick google yields a couple products that do,

Allmax Aminocuts, 130mg caffeine and 2000mg taurine, 

$22 for 30 servings, ~$0.75/serving




MuscleMaxx Pre Apocalypse (gotta love the marketing behind this stuff :lol:), 133mg caffeine and 700mg Taurine

$34 for 50 servings, ~$0.70/serving




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"Wired": 344 mg caffeine and 3000 mg taurine per 16 oz can....I got 2 aborts per can. Never more than $1.00 (0.50/hit) ...bought at Grocery Outlet stores (and frequently find  2 oz  5-Hr Energy for $1/ea or less.) For me...REALLY COLD and drank FAST works best....and the sugar (LOTS) helps too as low blood sugar is a trigger...




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