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Please help, need advice with CH


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Hi everyone, I have been suffering from episodic cluster headaches for 20 years. Approximately 6 months ago they became 4-6 daily lasting 2-3 hours each. My neurologist put me on steroids, on Topamax 50mg, High flow oxygen, Indocin, added verapamil to the blood pressure medication I already take for high blood pressure and did Ocipital nerve block yesterday. Nothing besides the steroids stops the attack for a short amount of time and he won’t write for another round. I’m desperate for help. Thanks!

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If you live in the UK, mother nature is ready to bless us with liberty caps "mms "! Depending on the weather, end of August to the end of October! .

That's the best remedy I could suggest for you ,as I know it has saved me and most others on site! 

Hope you find relief very soon 

Take care 

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